Teens Getting High on Flowers Is the Latest Parenting Nightmare (VIDEO)

datura plantWe've told our teens to stay away from drugs, to call us if they've had too much to drink at a party, to move out if they so much as think about getting a tattoo, but there's a new warning you must add to the list: Kids, don't eat flowers. Evidently, a new trend has emerged in which teenagers are ingesting flowers from the Datura family by either eating, smoking, or drinking part of the hallucinogenic backyard botanical.

Also called angel's trumpets or moonflowers, the plant's trippy powers are not to be taken lightly.

CBS is reporting that these flowers, easily found in parks and backyards, "offer an easy-to-come-by and intense high." Those interviewed reported that the high lasted two days, during which they saw things that weren't real and became convinced that they'd be rendered blind by the drug.

While seeing and talking to people, animals, and ghosts who aren't really there may sound like fun to some, the darker side effects are as real as they are scary.

Among other psychedelic substances, the high from Datura is supposedly one of the worst and causes extreme physical and mental distress. It's so bad, in fact, it's been used in suicide and murder cases in Europe and India.

Bottom line: this flower's for real. Talk to your teens and see what they know about it and help them realize how dangerous it really is. Sure, it seems safe because it's naturally occurring, but that doesn't make it any less fatal.

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Megan... MeganJune03

My mother in law had a bunch of these planted everywhere because they are pretty and make great flowerbed filler.... I have know for a while that kids get high off of them and when she finally moved out those things came out of the flowerbeds... I personally dont like them plus they attract bees.

dekumama dekumama

Don't most flowers attract bees?

daydr... daydreamer6170

I was thinking the same thing dekumama lol

nonmember avatar Gaby

They're also called hells bells and they hang down I see them everywhere morning glories are the same. I'm 25 and when I was 15 I heard of a friend who tripped on them for 2 days and had to be tied to a mattress by his father just to contain himself. 10 years later they are still all over the streets of garden grove ca. Truth is if your kid wants to get high, they're going to do it, this shouldn't devalue Medical Cannabis as opposed to other natural toxic plants like coca and poppy. You can stop nature but you can look for ways to connect and communicate with your children so that drug use is irrelevant since it deters them from reaching their goals academically, athletically, health-wise and socially (positive vs negative) Examples are like, Are the friends you play x sport or do x activity with you going to have any respect for you ? Do you think destroying your brain cells is going to help you retain all you know about X so you can be the best X ? Drugs aren't going anywhere and you should be able to identify what you're up against, but realistic solutions need to be offered so you can feel in control of your environment.

Andre... Andreamom001

Datura is mentioned often in the Jean M Auel's novels.  Kids need more constructive things to do and some serious discussions with parents abot the dangers of putting harmful substances into their bodies.

Megan... MeganJune03

Geez I guess I need to make myself clear because some people..(@dekumama  & @daydreamer6170) want to be jerks!  Bees are more attracted to this particular flower/plant than any other.  I have many flowers in my garden and the only area I heard swarms of bees was with this plant.

mandy... mandysue88

I really love these flowers, I had no idea the could get you high....I guess I won't be putting them in my flowerbed after all. But how many other flowers have that same type of defence mechanism? Now googling all my flowers.

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