Military Veteran Makes Camouflage Prom Dress for His Daughter (VIDEO)

Dad camo prom dressHere's a story that will leave a smile on your face all day. Seventeen-year-old Mariah Herron desperately wanted a camo dress to wear to prom, but she couldn't find one the family could afford in stores. So her doting dad made her a prom dress.

Go ahead and just let it out ... awww! The story comes out of Wisconsin, but it could have happened anywhere.


Doting dads are everywhere. I saw a few dozen of them here in New York over the weekend when I was hired to photograph some local prom-goers. Our local park was filled to capacity with girls in gorgeous gowns and gawky guys in tuxedos and, of course, their parents. The mothers were more likely to be front and center, fussing over their girls' hair. The dads tended to be quieter, but the way they stood said everything. Their chests were puffed out, their feet never standing still. They were proud ... and anxious ... and head over heels for their kids.

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That pretty much sums up David Herron too. He wasn't about to let his little girl -- his youngest child -- be disappointed on her big night. He used sewing skills he learned in the military to turn some winter white camo fabric into the prom dress of her dreams.

And by the looks of it, they must do some pretty nifty sewing classes in the military ... this dad managed to turn out a dress complete with a gauzy tulle overlay, ribbon sash, and a sweet A-line skirt. Check it out:

Awesome job Dad!

Does your girl have an awesome dad? What's he done for her lately?


Image via Green Bay Press Gazette

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