'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Suddenly Thinks She Knows What Makes a Good Mother

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teen mom farrahToday in Farrah Abraham news, the Teen Mom has declared that her mother is unfit. After having a talk with her counselor, Farrah decided that her "mother will never be a good mother" and concluded the only answer is to move out and to stop speaking to each other. A U-Haul truck was spotted outside their home, and Farrah posted a picture of herself smirking in front of a pile of boxed up shit.

I'm sorry. Did Farrah just get on her high horse about "good mothers"?

Becaaaaaaaaaaaause. I meeeeeeeeeeean. I don't think I really have to tell you guys that Farrah is not exactly the best parent on the planet. The eyebrow waxing, the drinking and driving conviction, THE PORN ... the list goes on and on.

But here's the thing. Farrah's saying she's moving out because she doesn't want her daughter Sophia exposed to such negativity (my words, not Farrah's), so at least she's showing that she does, in fact, take her daughter into consideration when she makes some decisions.

And if Farrah's aware how detrimental an ill-fit mother can be, maybe there's hope down the road that Farrah will break the cycle. Because if she doesn't, she'll have the exact same relationship with Sophia when she grows up to be a teenager. They'll fight, they'll bicker, they'll hit each other, and they'll make self-destructive choices just to spite one another, they'll end up not speaking, and Sophia will move out right after releasing a sex tape.

If that's not what Farrah wants, she needs to make a change. Who knows, maybe moving out of her mom's house is the first step in the right direction. She's got to start somewhere, after all.

Do you think Farrah has a shot at breaking the cycle?


Photo via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

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BiBi Frederick Waltslady

This picture makes her look like she just freshly waxed her mr. bean unibrow LOL

Patty Perry

Farrah has NO room to talk about parenting, and it's so funny to have watched all her episodes on teen mom, and see her bash her mother, tell her to stay out of her life, mind her own business.....ect, UNTIL Farrah needs something from her, she has no problem asking for a sitter, or A HOUSE......hmph, grow up girl and be a REAL psrent

nonmember avatar Lisa

Are you kidding me? Someone needs to take that kid away from Farrah or she's gonna end up on a stripper pole in 18 years. Or starring in a porn like her mother.

Angela Karene Jefferson

I think society is way to hard on these young mothers..we all live and learn..we all make mistakes. If all of us had been under a magnifying glass while GROWING UP none of us would be perfect mothers..fathers..friends..wives..husbands.  I think instead of bashing them all the time..u should take a look at them..because im sure that theres something we all can relate to in each of them.  There not bad ppl..there just kids..young adults trying to live while everyone is judging there every move.


Christina Ann Pettypool

She is a grown up brat and selfish person.  Her mom and her dad were both there to help her out with alot and all she ever did was spit on them.  Her mom may have not been the best but she did not make it easy for her mother.  She is rude and disrespectful and mean.  When she dont get her way she cries like a little bratty child.  She just thinks she is better than anyone else.  One day when she hits bottom she will see what an awful person she has become.  She knew what she was doing when she did the sex tape she knew she could make money off of it we all know it was not for personal gain.  She got caught so now she has to blame someone and that being her own mother. Grow up little girl and look in the mirror your daughter should be taken from you before you decided to get drunk again and kill your daughter in an accident. 

nonmember avatar Monica

She has no clue what being a good mother is . She is selfish , shallow and cares way too much for fame when she should be at home with her child.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Being a 20 year old spoiled, entitled brat who buys a new face instead of going to college or saving for her daughter or buying a decent place to live is not going to change. These girls had a huge advantage over other teen moms by getting a big financial jump-start, and Farrah has squandered hers. DUI, porn, plastic surgery to look like a man, and still acting like a whiny toddler herself. Not only will she not break the cycle, she will take it down to a whole other level. Her mom is crazy, but at least Farrah never had to worry about her classmates finding her mom having sex on the internet someday. Too bad Sophia won't be able to say the same.

Muriel Lee Weathers

She is so concerned with her daughter having a uni-brow, she should look at herself in the mirror.

Athena Hacker

I'm laughing at these comments. Farrah's mother is far from a good mother. You think Farrah just popped out of her mother's vagina like this? She LEARNED these behavior from her parents. Whether they taught it to her directly, or failed to do anything about it her behavior can be attributed in great part to her childhood. Does that mean everything she does is the fault of her parents? Of course not! She's still an adult. And she's taking control of her life by removing HER daughter from a situation she feels is bad for her. Who are we to judge her for that? No one. We know only what the television and media portray of her; What they WANT to portray of her. I think the public needs to do a lot more growing up than even Farrah does. And THAT is saying something. Are we forgetting she's a single mother? Are we forgetting she is a single TEENAGE mother? Are we forgetting the father of her child DIED? Her daughter will never know her father, and that is something that surely weighs on Farrah's shoulders every day. No matter who she is with or who is around her, Farrah will forever have to be Mommy AND Daddy for Farrah. I have seen firsthand how that can break a woman, and it's not a pretty sight. So let her grow, let her learn, and let her LIVE HER OWN LIFE. Pettiness of strangers is quite unbecoming.

nonmember avatar kaerae

@Athena - Sophia's dad died in a drunk driving wreck, and the way Farrah "learned and grew" from that was to go drive drunk, and risk Sophia losing BOTH parents? Uh, no. Sophia has a grandpa which is more than a lot of kids have and, let's face it, if Derek were alive, he would likely be fighting Farrah over custody/visitation/support and generally making her life miserable, not better.

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