Teen Sisters Miraculously Lift 3,000-Pound Tractor to Rescue Their Dad

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teens save dads lifeWe've all heard about mothers suddenly developing superhuman strength to save a child. This story provides a surprising twist to that phenomenon. Two teen girls were able to lift a 3,000-pound tractor off their father, who had been pinned in a freak accident. It's absolutely miraculous how they did it.

Jeff Smith was riding his tractor at his Lebanon, Oregon home when his muddy boot slipped off the clutch and the tractor flipped back and trapped him underneath. His daughters were out walking the family dog at the time, so he lay there with the massive piece of machinery on his chest, screaming for help. Sixteen-year-old Hannah and 14-year-old Haylee heard his cries and ran back to the house to find the frightening scene. They first tried to dig him out, but that didn't work. There was only one thing left to do -- lift the 3,000-pound vehicle off of him.

As you can see from the video below, these are not exactly big girls. It's hard to believe they even attempted to lift that hunk of steel. But there is something to be said for having the right motivation. One kept saying, "God help me" over and over and they raised it just enough for him to sidle out. Smith's only injury was a broken wrist. Oddly enough, they are keeping the tractor, but have given it the perfect nickname -- Satan. It's great to see they have a sense of humor about what could have been a fatal accident.

It's actually quite inspiring. With so many negative things about teens plaguing the news these days, it's nice to hear such a wonderful story. We would all like to think our children would do the same if they could. Perhaps, this is a much a testament to the kind of father Smith is. Even days later, they still can't explain exactly how they mustered up that Herculean strength. Those girls were so intent on helping their father, who they clearly love deeply, they didn't have time to think about how impossible it was to save him. Amazing.

Hear the girls recount the rescue:

Do you know other stories of children saving their parents?

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tuffy... tuffymama

Aw, I love them! Good girls. And thank God!

Rosamond Marie Yarborough

love it. hope they get rewarded for it in some awesome way (not that saving their father wasn't a reward in itself.)

Brandy Smithson

dont get me wrong if this is true thats awesome, BUT as someone who has driven a tractor many many times i fail to see how his footed slipped off the clutch and the tractor then flipped and pinned him, i guess thats why its an extreme freak accident, my foot has slipped off clutch many times and tractor spudders and dies, it doesnt flip but good for these girls and their daddy


grous... grousseau

What a great story. It is very heart warming to read about these girls. They may very well have saved their Dads life. Kudos

candy... candyw210

Brandy you have to throw your 2 cents in on this right because you are an avid tractor driver right?  You couldn't just comment positively without nudging in your  doubt if this really happened? It happened, these girls saved his life, it was a freak accident and i am sure the dad knows what happened more than you since you obviously were not there. You riding tractors does not make you an expert on everything that can go wrong. Just congratulate the brave teens instead of your doubts about the story. this is a great story for once about some heroic girls, lets leave our theories to ourselves and focus on their bravery. !

Amanda Solita Shovlin

When I was 12 I lifted a 250 pound 4-wheeler off my 7 year old cousin. I was only about 50-60 pounds at the time and probably only around 4 foot tall. He drove it into a tree and it went up the tree and flipped over on top of him. There is something to be said for adrenaline and when your scared to dealth about a loved one. I didn't even think, I just lifted it a tiny bit for him to scoot out from under it then we were both able to roll it back over using a big tree branch as leverage. Afterward we just sat on the ground crying and shaking.

Tanya Strande

amazing girls, what an awesome story! :)

Georgia Probst

they said the right words...God help me.. and God stepped up lifted that tractor with one finger... and the girls will never forget that when you call on God you always get an answer... Praise the Lord for this miracle!

adiggs87 adiggs87

God helped those girls and their father that day! That is how they were able to lift that tractor. God bless this family, I'm sure this experience will only make this family closer!

nonmember avatar Godsnotreal

No the thing is
what they're saying "lift"
picking up the back of the tractor which doesnt contain a fucking 2000 pound engine
The whole tractor may way 3000 pounds
but its all in the front
theyr'e like
Omfg it was a miracle
I asked god and god gave
So two 17 year old thick girls that live on a farm
That're probably pretty strong
Couldnt pick up about 1000 pounds maybe
Maybe 5 inches off the ground
so their dad could slide out

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