Kids' Cars Get Booted at Prom for No Apparent Reason (VIDEO)

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teens promGoing to the prom (or just "prom," as the kids say) is one of those rites of passage I'm not particularly looking forward to my kids going through. I mean, I don't know about you all, but my memories of "prom" aren't all corsages and bowties. Still, no matter what your definition of the prom experience involves, it's safe to say these kids in Georgia got robbed of whatever it is. Why? Because they spent pretty much the entire evening in the parking lot ... and not for the reason you're probably thinking.

Literally minutes after the teens from Miller Grove High School arrived at Georgia Railroad Depot in Atlanta and parked in the adjacent lot, their cars were booted. Which was odd, because there was no attendant on duty ... so the students assumed that the parking lot was free of charge after a certain hour or that the parking was included in the price of their prom tickets. Makes sense, right?

Nope! Parking apparently was not included in ticket price. (But they did get to pay an extra $75 to have the boots removed.) One parent's car even got booted while she was dropping her daughter off! Dionne Richmond was only a few feet away from her car, saying goodbye to her daughter, when she spotted the man booting her car. Reportedly when she tried to take a picture, he jumped in his truck and drove away -- hitting a parked car in the process!

Attempts by reporters to reach the company which owns the parking lot have been, so far, unsuccessful.

What a shame! Even if your prom experience is less-than-a-fantasy, every kid deserves to have one. If they ever track down these parking lot people, I think they should be required to pay for a replacement prom.

Do you think these kids deserve another chance at having a prom?

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Todd Vrancic

No, but the fines should be refunded.

Serab... Serabelle

the company didn't even give them a warning? that seems shady. at least tell someone that the cars need to be moved, someone who is clearly in charge, not one of the students. That is really sad for them, and poor planning on the prom commities part! they should have orginized parking. my prom was at a hotel, therefore we were allowed to park in the hotel parking lot, and many kids got rooms for the night. I hope they do get a do-over with a little more planning when it comes to the small stuff. it just sucks because they will have to pay more money in order to have a second prom.

Jespren Jespren

Usually I'm more along the lines of 'if you're too stupid to read a sign, you deserve the fine'...but given the amount of people, including apparently a parent, who all parked unwittingly, I'm guessing the 'notice' that said no parking after hours was ridiculously hard to find, covered, or otherwise missing. Shame on the parking lot owners who, apon seeing not one jerk trying to snag free parking but a host which clearly misunderstood, decided to lock instead of go stick his head in the prom and make an announcement.

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