School Bans Girls From Wearing Skinny Jeans Because They're 'Distracting' for Boys

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skinny jeansToday in everything that's wrong with the way kids are being raised in America: a junior high school in California has banned wearing skinny jeans, leggings, and yoga pants. Well, actually just girls are banned from wearing tight pants.

The boys? The boys can wear whatever they want ... the new dress code at Kenilworth Junior High is really just about keeping girls from "distracting" those hormonal teenage boys with their tempting gams.


THIS is the kind of thing that makes me want to lock my daughter up in her bedroom and throw away the key.

Not her luscious legs, but the fact that it's still OK to teach a bunch of teenage boys that they just can't help themselves for drooling all over the girls ... and girls are still being taught that it's their jobs to keep the boys in line.

That's really the message that's being sent by the ridiculous dress code at the Petaluma junior high, isn't it? Girls can't wear tight pants not because they've done anything wrong, but because their male classmates are acting like immature little jerks.

You'll have to pardon me for thinking here (after all, I'm just a girl, what do I know?), but wouldn't it be a whole lot easier to sit the boys down for a talk and tell them to cool it? Not only would it save the parents of every girl in the district from having to revamp their kids' wardrobes, but it would prepare the boys for what will happen when they walk out into a dress code-free world where women walk around flaunting bare ankles and even, gulp, showing their knees!

I don't have a son; I have a daughter. In my house, she's being taught to wear clothing that makes her feel comfortable and is "classy," but that's as far as we will go. We aren't going to teach her that she needs to change herself to keep boys in line because, frankly, that's not her job.

That's the boys' jobs ... and more importantly the jobs of the boys' parents. If you have a son, I need you to step up and teach him right from wrong. I need you to teach him to respect women, to teach him that it's not a girl's job to "cover up" so he doesn't get horny ... it's his job to get his hormones under control.

It will make for a much nicer world beyond junior high if you do ...

What do you make of this ban on tight pants for girls?


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Emilee Nicole Marriott

Let them wear what they want. Just because teenage boys cant control there dicks doesnt mean my daugheter has to hid maby teach your son manners and how to treat women

nonmember avatar Reason&Heart

Ahh the gender wars are still waging with everyone tossing there own two cents in carelessly. Maybe that will redefine what is socially acceptable hmm? I doubt it, but he we can try right? We can all post our opinions but still people are entitled to be an individual weather their anatomy is visible for all to see through thin stretchy layer of clothing or not.

nonmember avatar Roberta

I'm sorry, Jeanne, but I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. I've raised two daughters and a son through the public school system in California, and I can say this with all certainty: We are a LONG way from flaunting ankles and showing knees. When my daughters were in middle school, they wore "mid-drift" tops and shorts and skirts so short they showed their butt cheeks. Today, I see girls wearing much worse, including leggings that are as sheer as pantyhose (remember those)? The question that no one is asking is why our daughters are dressing this way. There is a great deal of discussion centered around the early sexualization of young girls as a result of advertising of sexy and provocative clothing aimed at girls 14 and under. I was concerned about the number of parents with their heads in the sand who allowed their young daughters to dress this way to middle school 10 years ago. Now, I am simply alarmed.

nonmember avatar Roberta

Feminist ideology was never centered on women and girls becoming "liberated" simply to fall victim to becoming objectified further by wearing the uniform, so to speak, of "fuck me wear." If clothing is a way of expressing our identity, then what are our young girls identifying with when they dress this way? While I agree that the remarks made by the school administrators regarding the male students were completely inappropriate, the intention was justified. Both parents and administrators should be working together to ensure that middle school students at co-ed schools should be engaging in mutual and educated dialogue on this subject because it is worth the effort.

Chris Strength Melki

I'm all for asking girls (and the boys) to dress more respectfully. They are talking about the panties being shown through see through pants - not ok for school - or anywhere for young girls or boys. Why is wrong to ask parents to start being responsible and not allowing either sex to look like/act like tramps or gangsters??? Why is modesty of either sex wrong? I applaud this principle for trying to the right thing.

Keith LaGrone

I am not one hundred percent opposed to the dress code, but it needs to be fair. School uniforms are in order, not banning girls because the boys can't control themselves.

nonmember avatar Katie

In my middle school girls cant wear yoga pants, skirts, or shorts but the guys can wear anything.

nonmember avatar Emily

First of all, I would like to say, I agree with this article 99.99%
Girls shouldn't be shamed because of what they are wearing and it shouldn't be a girl's job to not arouse a teenage boy with her clothing, because frankly, they're going to imagine what's under a girl's clothes and get aroused anyway.
The thing with this article that I do not agree with, is the statement that "it's his job to get his hormones under control." because a teenage guy (or any other human being of any race, religion, age or gender for that matter)can NOT control their hormones. They can sure as hell control whether or not they act on their feelings of sexual arousal, but nobody can just click their fingers and then suddenly have their hormones under control. It is not their fault that they may feel aroused by certain things because they can't control their hormones and what they feel aroused by; but they can control whether they take action on those feelings of arousal.

nonmember avatar Briana

I'm in middle school.Im a little over weight. I like skinny jeans. I wear them with boots and I feel beatiful in them. Now there is only a problem when you can barely breath I your pants. If those boy can't realize that if they do that they are gonna get smaked if they do that in public? Some one needs to teach those boys how to behave. :)

nonmember avatar Claire

AGREED. I'm a teenage girl and I'm sick of us girls being blamed for making guys do inappropriate things or distracting them. Skinny jeans are trendy.

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