School Bans Girls From Wearing Skinny Jeans Because They're 'Distracting' for Boys

skinny jeansToday in everything that's wrong with the way kids are being raised in America: a junior high school in California has banned wearing skinny jeans, leggings, and yoga pants. Well, actually just girls are banned from wearing tight pants.

The boys? The boys can wear whatever they want ... the new dress code at Kenilworth Junior High is really just about keeping girls from "distracting" those hormonal teenage boys with their tempting gams.



THIS is the kind of thing that makes me want to lock my daughter up in her bedroom and throw away the key.

Not her luscious legs, but the fact that it's still OK to teach a bunch of teenage boys that they just can't help themselves for drooling all over the girls ... and girls are still being taught that it's their jobs to keep the boys in line.

That's really the message that's being sent by the ridiculous dress code at the Petaluma junior high, isn't it? Girls can't wear tight pants not because they've done anything wrong, but because their male classmates are acting like immature little jerks.

You'll have to pardon me for thinking here (after all, I'm just a girl, what do I know?), but wouldn't it be a whole lot easier to sit the boys down for a talk and tell them to cool it? Not only would it save the parents of every girl in the district from having to revamp their kids' wardrobes, but it would prepare the boys for what will happen when they walk out into a dress code-free world where women walk around flaunting bare ankles and even, gulp, showing their knees!

I don't have a son; I have a daughter. In my house, she's being taught to wear clothing that makes her feel comfortable and is "classy," but that's as far as we will go. We aren't going to teach her that she needs to change herself to keep boys in line because, frankly, that's not her job.

That's the boys' jobs ... and more importantly the jobs of the boys' parents. If you have a son, I need you to step up and teach him right from wrong. I need you to teach him to respect women, to teach him that it's not a girl's job to "cover up" so he doesn't get horny ... it's his job to get his hormones under control.

It will make for a much nicer world beyond junior high if you do ...

What do you make of this ban on tight pants for girls?


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