Morning After Pill Shocker Means Great Things for Teen Pregnancy

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A federal judge has declared that the morning-after pill should be available to all ages without a prescription. He determined that the pill, Plan B, is as safe as any other drug sold-over-the counter, such as aspirin. This reverses the 2011 Obama administration decision that made the pill available only with a prescription to women under 17, a decision which the judge said was "politically motivated." Duh! Of course it was.

Plan B is NOT an "abortion pill." It prevents the egg from being released at its normal time, or from attaching to the lining of the uterus, so it never meets up with sperm. There's no fertilized egg. There's no fetus. No baby. No nothing. It's like putting on a seat belt and then not getting an accident.

I suppose there's always the danger that young girls might not understand that and take the pill after they're pregnant? Well, so what if they do? Plan B doesn't cause abortion. Anyway, like I said, you can't not put a useful drug on the market just because someone, somewhere is going to misuse it. Someone, somewhere can be guaranteed to misuse anything. Plenty of young people misuse cough syrup. You can still buy it!

There is a certain safety standard that a drug has to pass in order to be sold in drug stores without a prescription -- and Plan B has easily passed that safety test. So why would the federal government have overruled the FDA and made a prescription necessary for women under 17, with the Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius saying that "11-year-olds might not know how to use the drug"? Kowtowing to right wing political forces, that's it, end of story. Politics has no business deciding what should and shouldn't be available in our drug stores if the FDA approves something.

Meanwhile, young women who do not wish to become pregnant will have a way to prevent it should they need it. That could mean a condom ripped (happens!), or they were raped (happens!!), or even that they just had sex and didn't take the precaution that they should have. Will this pill encourage under-age sex? You could make that argument about ANY birth control method -- including condoms. Notice how no one ever picks on condoms. Because men use them.

Anyway, lots of things could conceivably "encourage" under-age sex. Like alcohol. Like sexy movies. Like teenage hormones! So let's not focus on the morning-after pill, which will do a great service in helping prevent teen pregnancy. Does cough syrup encourage anyone to go out and catch a cold?

Thank goodness for this sensible judge.

Do you agree or disagree with this decision?


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nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Plan B does NOT prevent an egg from being released. It prevents a FERTILIZED embryo from becoming implanted in the uterus. An embryo that contains 100% of the DNA necessary to produce life.

laure... laurenemb

Bravo to Judge Korman. Hopefully this will erase the stigma from the morning after pill, and people will focus on the benefits instead of screeching inaccuracies about how it causes abortion or invites Satan or whatever else people use as an excuse to condemn it. Just as you state in the article, it's like a seatbelt - you probably won't get in an accident, but if you do, there's a safety net.

bills... billsfan1104

Ok, so a 13 year can get this pill and can't wash it down with a 16oz soda, my friend asks?? Our society is so screwed up

miche... micheledo

If Plan B prevents an egg from being released at its normal time, then what happens if the egg is already released?  


I just looked up all the info on it.  I don't like it.  That it will be allowed for young girls without a prescription.  For one thing, it is NOT to be used on a regular basis.  For someone who is underage, a prescription would help a doctor monitor this and talk to them about birth control.  I'm an adult and rarely remember to take my pre-natal vitamin.  I can't imagine remembering to take something every single day like birth control.  :)  I'm sure many teens are responsible, but what are the effects going to be on women/girls who use this regularly??  

Also, this wasn't tested on young girls who are still developing and maturing.  I hate to see what some of the effects will be down the road.  (That really goes for all medication.  We start so young - putting artificial substances into our body, chemicals, etc.  Is it really safe?).

I would much prefer them needing a prescription.

bills... billsfan1104

And why do I have to have an ID for cough syrup?

MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

Great! Let's make it easier to let 12 yr olds be little whores! What a sick world we live in.

nonmember avatar blh

While the though of a 13 year old having sex is diagusting, the thought of one actually having a baby is much worse. I'm afraid that dumb kids will think they can just take this every time they have sex....but that's still better than them popping out a kid.

lulou lulou

Im actually not worried about the girls with this one.  The side effects appear terrible, I remember wailing in pain as teen from cramps, so are not picturing the girls just popping these on a whim.  Maybe after taking it once, will serve as its own form of bc.  Granted Id be interested in hearing from teens, as I didnt recognize many of the bands a Lollapallooza either, except the old school ones, so are clearly out of touch.

Kattey Kattey

You know, people, there are plenty of otc drugs an 11 year old could buy and misuse. Having ti available doesn't "encourage" promiscuity. Do you remember being 11? The last thing I was thinking about was sex. But for a sixteen year old girl "in love" and the condom breaks? This is a great idea. Especially if she has parents like yall that would probably flip their shit instead of being rational.

sassy... sassykat122

A girl can get the pill from planned parenthood without a prescription so yes i do agree it should be available without a prescription. But KIRI yes parents do flip over condoms every time schools do try to provide them. If teens can buy condoms at the store they should have a PLAN B if the condom breaks. Saying it will encourage promiscuity? Did not having it stop any of us? And i too would rather they have this than a baby any day

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