'Tanning Mom' Has It Right: Teens Shouldn't Be Tanning! (VIDEO)

Tanning MomWell, this isn't something I'd ever thought I'd write, but ... I'm with Tanning Mom! The New Jersey resident said that she's all for the state's new law banning tanning for kids under 17, and so am I. Sorry, tween Snooki wannabes!

I particularly love what Tanning Mom (aka Patricia Krentcil) said when TMZ asked her how the tanning community would respond to the ban:

"Quite frankly I don't give a damn!"

Word up, Tanning Mom. It's kind of nuts that we even NEED a law like Christ Christie's "Tan Mom Ban," but apparently we do. Jersey already banned tanning for kids under 14; the new law extends that to age 17, bans children under 14 from getting spray tans (um, really?!), and requires that teens 17 and older need a parent with them at the salon for an initial consultation before roasting themselves under UV rays. It all sounds like common sense to me. Grown-ups can do what they want to their own bodies, but children should not be in tanning booths, just like they shouldn't be drinking alcohol or doing another cancer-causing activity: smoking.

To reiterate: tanning causes DEATH. It's no freaking joke -- skin cancer makes up half of all cancer cases in the United States; the FDA says the UV radiation in tanning devices poses serious health risks; and tanning booth users are close to 70% more likely to develop skin cancer before their 40th birthday than the rest of us. 

As for my own daughter? To quote Tanning Mom: "I don't think children ever should tan." I chase my poor kid around all summer with sunscreen, there's no way in hell I'd let her get close to a tanning booth, nor would I ever let her see me getting in one! I'm sure there are parents who disagree, but Tanning Mom is sticking to her story that she was never one of those moms. "She was in the room, not in the booth," she says of her 5-year-old daughter and the broohaha that gave Tanning Mom her name. (Keep in mind, a grand jury decided not to indite her.)

What do you think about the "Tan Mom Law"?


Image via TMZ

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BeckyP. BeckyP.

I don't think its necessary. Not because I agree with tanning because I don't. I don't think anyone, any age should be tanning but making a law that bans under 17 from tanning crosses into parenting territory. Its a parents responsibility to teach their kids that tanning can be deadly and they should be responsible for keeping their kids out of those places, not the state.

nonmember avatar MomB

I think it's indict, not indite. Where is spellcheck? And no, children should not be tanning at all.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

It's also a parent's responsibility to teach their children about alcohol consumption, and there's still a law on that.

It's a question of public safety. There are laws about it where I live and I fully support hem, and I fully support this. As an Irish person, I can vouch for there being nothing wrong with being pale!

BeckyP. BeckyP.

EmmaFromEire: There's a law concerning alcohol consuption because alcohol alters your state of mind and in return, can affect and harm other people. Tanning doesn't physically harm anyone other than the person under the lights. If a teenager goes out and gets drunk, and drives a car they can kill someone. If a teenager goes tanning, they are the only one who will get a tan and possibly cancer. The two are clearly not even comparable.

abra819 abra819

I cringe at how much I used to tan...yeck. Self tanners for me!

nonmember avatar karae

The word is indict, not "indite." Edit maybe?

nonmember avatar small4all

I know you're probably from the generation of snowflakes who were never taught spelling and grammar for fear of hurting your little feelings, but you might want to at least run the old spell check. Indite is not a word, it's indict.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

She is still ugly and probley still teening but it's up to the parent's to decide if they should go or not, not the goverment.

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