3 Things Parents Should Let Their Daughters Do Before They Turn 16

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Sweet 16Teenagers are running wild, from what I hear. But kids wouldn’t have to sneak around behind their parents’ backs and do things that got them in trouble if they just had a little more freedom to do the things they really want to do.

I’m 14 years old and that age means absolutely nothing. I have to wait until I’m 16 to do everything. I thought once I got into the ninth grade, I wouldn’t feel like a kid anymore. Wrong. Wroooooong. I have two more years before I can do just about anything I want to do, but I personally feel like kids should be able to do whatever they please (within reason) as long as their parents educate them about the dangers of the outside world and how to behave. Restricting kids makes them want to rebel and act crazy. I haven’t tried it. I’ve just heard things.

Wear makeup. I asked my mom if I can wear some mascara to school and she said, “No.” I was like, “Why?” and she was like, “You’re too young.” Ugh. She should just put that on a T-shirt because I hear that a lot. I think, as long as they don’t go outside looking like a clown or prostitute or something, girls should be allowed to wear makeup. Especially if their moms teach their children how to properly apply that makeup and show them the amounts to wear for certain occasions. I just want to wear a little mascara and lipstick. And a little blush. And maybe a little shadow. But that’s it.

Go on dates. I mean, a loner like me shouldn’t necessarily be worried about this, but for other desirable kids, I feel as though parents should let their children date—depending on their maturity level. If you feel like you’ve raised your child right and they won’t do anything stupid, then they should be allowed to date. There should be certain rules, like you have to meet their boo and approve of the person they’re choosing to date. That’s fair. You should also make your child feel like they can come to you and trust you for dating advice. But keeping kids from dating just makes them want to sneak.

Get tatted up. I want so many tattoos and piercings. I’m going to get my nose, tongue, and belly button pierced, and get that bar through my ear. Kids should be able to get piercings because you can take them out. Plus, if they go to a tattoo parlor and get it done professionally, they’ll be less likely to get infections instead of letting a friend do it. So it’s just best to let them get it done instead of doing it and hiding it.

You were 16 once, right? What did you wish your parents would’ve let you do?


The moms at The Stir desperately needed a day off so we decided to let our kids help us write today -- find out more about them in their blogger profiles and see what they are writing about at Kids Takeover. Happy April Fools! :)

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Katy Khan

Is the author a teenager? I would let my daugher wear makeup before 16, she can also go on a date if I or her father chaperones (that's right, deal with it) but absolutely NO tattoos. You change so much throughout your life, ESPECIALLY from your teen years into your early 20s that you will almost certainly regret it.

LostS... LostSoul88

uh NO. No make-up or dating till 16 and dates must be with a group of friends. Tatts, I told my kids if they graduate highschool with 3.0 or above I will buy their first tattoo.

nonmember avatar Lexi jordan

Makeup and dates, definitely. I wouldn't even chaperone a date after the child was 14 if they were going to a public places such as a movie. But tattoos?? Just no. I would be so angry at my parents had they let me get a tattoo that young as I would certainly regret it now! Piercings would be fine as long as it was something tastful like a bellybutton (can be covered up or taken out) or a small stud in the nose. If they wanted their lip pierced or massive gauges in their ears it would be a no.

bills... billsfan1104

Tattoos is an absolute no no, until they turn 18 and make their own money. Piercing their ears, is fine by me and at 18 they can pierce whatever. As far as dates, not until 16

adrie... adrien_80

"I just want to wear a little mascara and lipstick. And a little blush. And maybe a little shadow. But that’s it."  Um, what's left?  What do you mean "that's it."  Sounds like the amount of makeup one would wear to a fancy event, not everyday.   Maybe some but not at the same time. Piercings can be taken out, no problem.  Plus they can learn now that they will look weird and maybe not be able to get certain jobs because of it. Welcome to the real world!  Go on group dates, there is no need for one on one dates at 14.  Trust me. It will get you into trouble.  Especially, as the author puts it, for the more desirable kids.   This 14 year old did not make her argument well at all. 

worki... workingmama86

Let me guess, you are a 14 year old girl who thinks you have the answers to everything?? LOL. I would much rather take my advice from an experienced parent who has successfully raised their children/teens! Thanks though!

weidi weidi

Did nobody else see the Happy April Fools bit? Plus the way she wrote "I just want to wear a little mascara and lipstick. And a little blush. And maybe a little shadow. But that’s it." leads me to believe that it was meant to be funny, and not entirely serious. (adrien_80: there's a lot left after that, I do much more for fancy events)

Vanessa Bowman

I understand your view point, as my sister was 5 years older than me and it seemed she was able to do whatever she wanted. I was allowed to start wearing makeup as a froshman in HS and I was allowed group dates but no one on one dates till 16. I do remember asking to get a second piercing in my ears before I was 18 and being told "NO WAY". But now that I am an adult with children of my own I completely understand why I had to wait to 16 to date one and one and 18 to actually get piercings. At 14 you are still a baby!!!! You may be more of a woman physically but mentally you are a child. Shoot, at 18 you are still a child. My older sister got tattoos and piercings before she was of age and regretted it. She was allowed to date at 14 and ended up pregnant at 15. I do not believe teens should be allowed a lot of freedom. My parents learned from the mistakes of my sister and changed the rules with me, EXTREMELY smart on their part! The boy I got to date at 16 became my husband when I was 23 and my Children came after marriage! Rules and guidelines are there to direct your life path in a more responsible productive direction. Be thankful your parents care enough to set these boundaries!!!!

Rosas... RosasMummy

I would allow a 14 year old dates in a public place where I would drop off and pick up, some piercingly and some make up

nonmember avatar MammaMel

You lost me at Tattoos...Make-up? Dear Lord you should be wearing it now! Dates? Ehh, if you don't mind your parents two rows beind/two tables over it's all good...TATTOOS on the other hand, no, you are too young, you will understand an appreciate that when you are older. (piercings though, 16 is a good age....)

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