Student Suspended for Bringing Knife to School Had Good Excuse (VIDEO)

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I get that schools are really cracking down and have zero tolerance policies for so many things. I get that. But can we please use some common sense? Can we? No? Okay, let's get to this latest story of a student suspended for some ridic reason because of a zero tolerance (i.e., zero common sense) policy. A 13-year-old girl in Attleboro, Massachusetts was suspended from school for bringing a knife onto the property. A butterknife. That she used to cut her fruit. Because she has braces. Roll the insanity.

Seventh grader Morgan LaPlaume has braces (ugh, childhood), so she can't bite into the pear she brought to school, so she brought along a butterknife with her. The vice principal happened to be walking by (isn't that always the way?) as Morgan was trying to slice into her pear -- the butterknife doesn't exactly do the job -- when he saw this weapon of mass non-destruction.

He escorted her to the office and handed her a one-day suspension per policy, since knives are banned from the school in the handbook. Morgan's mom, Rebecca, isn't thrilled. She says Morgan never gets into trouble and that "every child needs to be looked at individually. Every case is different. Not every child is the same."

The mom thinks Morgan should have just gotten a verbal warning, and wants the suspension wiped from her record.

Well, I can see both sides here. Clearly, Morgan had no bad intent. But she did break school policy. It would be easy to ask why Morgan didn't just cut up her pear before she left for school, but perhaps she forgot the rule or didn't even know about the rule (does everyone really read everything in the school handbook?). Not every 13-year-old is still getting her lunch made by momma (who might, gasp, be working in the morning), so it may have been an easy oversight on mom's part too.

One thing children need to learn is rules -- but another, even more important, thing they need to learn is good judgment, and that doesn't always mean following rules down to the letter. That means weighing circumstances with careful thought and analysis -- something that seems sorely lacking in schools sometimes. Of course, parents themselves can be thanked for a lot of this zero tolerance stuff.

That said, it was only a one day suspension, and Morgan did break the rules, so it's a little whiny of mom to complain so much. Morgan's main lesson here might be that life isn't always fair.

Do you think she should have been suspended?

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xiolxuo xiolxuo

It was pretty stupid of the girl. Just cut it at home or use the plastic knives at school.. that would have sufficed.

zandh... zandhmom2

Well at least she only got suspended for one day, the kid in Maryland who ate his poptart into the shape of a gun got suspended for two days.  Yea, got to love the whole zero tolerance thing.

nonmember avatar Aly

Here's the thing that sucks - even if a rule doesn't apply to you in that specific situation, the thing to focus on is that it IS a rule, and breaking it = consequences. If we don't teach kids that now, and instead we teach them that they're are exceptions to every rule, than they continue to break them. It's called a pre-sliced sugar free fruit cup. Or applesauce. Rules have to apply to everyone or they're just pointless.

Melissa Slanga

I never would have though a "butter"knife would apply.  Don't  they have them in the cafeteria? I home-school so I wouldn't know anymore, but I don't recall ever not being able to grab a knife along with a spoon and a fork.  This is ridiculous!  If they can't behave then talk suspension, but to suspend for using it what it's used for????????? Crazy!!

Lynsey Lyons Dixon

This same exact thing happened to me when I was in elementary school. I can't remember how old I was but my parents did pack me a lunch and I had no lunch money so I threw a can of soup in my bag and a knife along with me to open the can. Again I was probably only 7 or 8 and didn't know a knife wouldnt open a metal can lol. However, my parents did get called to the school and had a good talking too but I didn't get suspended or the police called on me. Society nowadays is just so overboard. I am 28 years old so this did happen 20 years ago but still I can't believe schools today.

metzeli metzeli

we were given knives in school to cut our stuff if needed. This does seem a bit overkill but i do understand the school as well. Plus she should have cut the pear before going would have been easier..

Emilee K Johnson

They should have just warned her since it was a standard table knife that was being used for its purpose. The lunch room probably didn't have a table knife and cutting up the pear before leaving home it would have been brown. People should use common sense.

miasm... miasmommy21407

Is this some kind of joke? It's a friggen butter knife. A plastic butter knife is probably actually more sharp than a household butter knife. I'm trying to imagine what in God's name she could have done to cause injury to herself or another with a butter knife!! ?????


kaila... kailalaila

in my 7 yr old's class a boy brought in a knife and he told my daughter that he brought it because other boys were bothering him and he thought that by bringing it to school with him they would leave him alone. the boy did get suspended. it's really scary..

beach... beachbeauty

The problem is if they make an exception for her then everybody that gets suspended will have a "good" reason for it and think if they go to the media with it all will be forgotten so if the rule is zero-tolerance they have to practice zero tolerance.  Personally I'm tired of parents running to the media every time their children get caught breaking a rule, it's a one day suspension, it's not going to ruin her life.

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