15-Year-Old Who Suffered Brain Damage During Field Trip Wins $42 Million

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A teen who took an exotic field trip to China with her classmates from her fancy Connecticut boarding school ended up brain damaged and unable to speak. I cannot fathom a more horrific outcome for what should have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And how it happened is just inconceivable. Cara Munn, who was in rural China with her classmates in the summer of 2007, was bit by a tick and ended up getting something called tick-borne encephalitis, which damaged her brain. Ugh. Awful. Who would think this could happen? Her father sued the school for $42 million and won. How was the school responsible for a tick bite? Well, Cara's dad says the school didn't take the proper cautions. Which is where he kind of loses me.

As horrible as this incident is, how do you take precautions against every conceivable thing that can happen to a child? Especially one that is across the world in a foreign country? And in a rural part of it, no less? Mann's father, Orson Munn III, who runs a large advertising firm, also claimed that the school, Hotchkiss, a well-known prep school, didn't get his daughter the proper medical care she needed. But you wonder how they could have out in the middle of rural China?

At any rate, Cara is now 20 and a federal jury just awarded her $42 million, though the school is appealing. They say this type of tick disease is so rare, they couldn't have possibly foreseen it. And they're probably right about that.

Still, it's hard to blame Cara's dad for suing. She must need round-the-clock care and that is expensive. She'll need it for the rest of her life. The school most likely had insurance that would cover something like this. After the lawyers are paid, Cara will have just about enough to sustain her care for the rest of her life. Her parents' lives and her life have been changed forever because they allowed her to go on what they thought would be a fun, educational trip. Absolutely tragic.

But you do wonder if parents have an obligation to swallow some of the risk involved when they send their kids on field trips, especially ones to exotic locales. The fact of the matter is, you can't control everything. Perhaps the school should have known enough to put tick spray on the kids, but then someone has an allergic reaction, and you've got a different lawsuit on your hands.

Sigh. It's a dangerous world out there, I'm afraid. And sometimes danger comes in very tiny packages. It's enough to make you never want to let your kids leave the house, but what kind of life is that? Besides, that doesn't save you from sinkholes.

Do you think the school should pay up?

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mande... manderspanders

I don't think the school should pay; they aren't responsible. Everything isn't forseeable.  It's a horrible thing to have happened.

I thought parents had to sign waivers for school trips like this?  I don't know what you think will happen when you send your teenager overseas... it is full of risk to travel to countries that don't have similar regulations or medical care to the US. What if this girl had been a bit older and went to China on her own and had an incident like this... who would the parents sue then?  Cuz the Chinese Communists would just laugh.

LostS... LostSoul88

That's like suing Chevy because a drunk driver that paralyzed me was driving a Chevy. The school is not at fault at all. But if he can prove the school failed to get the girl proper medical attention then he has a case. 

Mommi... MommietoJB

Im sure this family is wealthy enough to care for their daughter, shes going to a private boarding school. I dont see how the school is liable, you as the parent must sign off on the trip in the first place.

Katy Khan

Having spent considerable time in urban China, there is no way in hell you'd ever drage me to rural China. That whole country is a cesspit of disease. They have no sanitation/hygiene//basic prevention awareness and medical care is rarely adequate (in a country where you can buy your degree, that's what's to be expected). Hoqwcwe, vbwdoe I took my son there (he's 2 1/2) we went to a 'travel clinic' in the U.S. where I went over my entire itinerary and 'possible' additional itinerary with a doctor and nurse and then they gathered all of the health info I could possibly need , went over all of it with me including any and all health precautions I must take when there is no medical care available in an area and they gave us vaccines and anti malarials. I would never let my son tavel without me to a place like rural China though, just never. I don't blame the parents though because if you haven't been there yourself, you wouldn't be able to imagine it.

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