Biology Teacher Gets in Trouble for Saying the Word 'Vagina'

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He said "vagina"!!! EWWWWW. That's how some parents apparently reacted when a science teacher used the word "vagina" to describe, well, the vagina. I know. He was totally out of line, amiright? Whatever happened to giving our children a good education and using the proper term for a vagina, such as "fun muff," "cooter," "lady flower," or "beef curtains"? What is wrong with our schools, I ask you??? Anyway, four parents who didn't want their tenth graders listening to that nastyyyy word complained, and now the teacher, Tim McDaniel, is being reprimanded.

It all started in Idaho, when horribly misinformed biology teacher McDaniel was teaching science class, which apparently must contain some reproductive health information. (WHAT?!! Science is about fuzzy little creatures and like, um, chemicals in beakers and stuff, isn't it?? OMG!!!)

McDaniel, who says he teaches "straight out of the textbook" (yeah, the textbook of SIN!), says he doesn't mention any words that aren't in the textbook. And the word VAGINA was in the textbook!!! OMG, this isn't a textbook, it's a porno magazine!!

Four parents were not only offended by this horrific description of the female genitalia (Women do not have genitalia!! They have pretty little flowers!!), but also the fact that McDaniel showed a video clip of herpes, taught different forms of birth control, and explained the orgasm. (The WHAT?! OMG, ladies do not have -- ugh, I can't even say that filthy word!)

So four parents complained -- even though McDaniel has been teaching for 18 years without one complaint. Sheesh, who moved into town? The vagina police?

Additionally, all students are given the option of NOT taking the class if they might be offended by the material. Hmm. Something tells me the kids weren't offended, but the idiotic parents were. And now McDaniel is refusing to sign a letter of reprimand, as well he should.

To parents who don't like the word "vagina": Please keep your kids out of school and teach them at home about "lady flowers" and "beaver" so the rest of the future generation can get a proper education.

Do you agree with these parents or disagree?


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amand... amandajoy21

Really parents get offended by teaching the children atonomically correct words and concepts about their own bodies? Oh yeah that's right kids don't have sex so we shouldn't teach them about their bodies or how to protect themselves from the consequences of sex. No wonder we have a teen pregnancy problem or women on cafemom who don't even know how their cycles work.

nonmember avatar kaerae

When I was in HS in the 80s, we had a whole herpes/genital warts SLIDESHOW! Guess how mny teen pregnancies we had...ZERO.

jrseden jrseden

So senseless.....gets in trouble for using the proper name of a body part. Come on folks! The article says he used vagina whn describing an orgasim. I'd b more concerned with wat exactly is said in the discribing of an orgasim then using the word vagina. Wat shld he call it? A pussy? Or worse...c*#t? Or maybe sissy or just say down there. How twisted r some peoples thots? And of course these wrong wired brainiacs r raising kids! Help us all!

Freela Freela

I'm sure that grade ten students can handle the word 'vagina.' Just plain silly. Do their parents really think their teenagers don't know what a vagina is?

nonmember avatar MommaMel

Ok WHOAHHHHHH to your last paragraph. I do not like the word (or frankly any of those words...) but that doesn't mean I don't think my child should be taught th correct words or that I would complain about it. Not liking a word doesn't mean that I am some terrible person, it means I don't like the word, but I understand the need to use the word.

headi... headingsouth13

i actually like the fact that the teacher used the right words. my oldest son knows he has a PENIS and that his cousin Kendra has a VAGINA. kids need to know the proper names of everything when they are of the right age. If they are taking a bio class they should be of age to know.

Marcella Shambles

My daughter has known those words from the time she started asking questions about body parts - my husband didn't really like it - but I thought it was cute when my 5 year old said you couldn't tell if a cow was a boy or girl just by the horns, you had to see if he had a penis.  Granted, she didn't know the actual uses of a penis, just it's name.  She's nine now and has a better idea, thank goodness for encyclopedias!

nonmember avatar KateG

I'm raising my 7 year old niece, and I don't like slang words for genitalia. Call me a bad aunt, but I taught her "penis" and "vagina" when she came to me and said a boy on the bus called her privates her "pu$$y." She wanted to know what that was. She said he told her that boys have "peckers" and that girls have "pu$$ies." She wanted to know what those words meant. I told her those were bad words for privates. I told her don't go around just SAYING "penis" and "vagina" because I know that she's young, but I'd rather she learn the correct words sooner rather than later.

Megan Johnson

We're in the age of 50 Shades, the vagina should be referred to as simply "down there" !   

I agree with KateG.  My son, especially when he started potty training, referred to his genitals as his "tail".  I'd rather he learn and use the proper terminology, instead of picking up some slang term that is inappropriate for his age.

Dana E Armstrong

Oh Megan, thank you, my son is 17 now and I had completely forgotten that he used to call his penis his "squenie".  He knew the correct word, just liked squenie I guess.  Chuckle chuckle

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