Beyonce's New Song Is Bad News for Blue Ivy (LISTEN)

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BeyonceRemember Beyonce, super role model for girls everywhere, even the Obama daughters? Parents everywhere are listening to her much anticipated new song, Bow Down/I Been On, and wondering where that woman went.

In fact, if this song is any sign of what's to come when Bey's new solo album drops, mamas, you're going to want to cover your daughter's ears. Female empowerment just lost a champion.

Let's take a look at the lyrics, shall we?

I know when you were little girls/ You dreamt of being in my world/ Don’t forget it, don’t forget it/ Respect that: Bow down, b--ches.

Ouch. This from the independent woman, from Sasha Fierce, from the woman who taught us that "girls run the world?" Did she really have to go and refer to women she doesn't like as "b--ches?"

Yes, ladies, she did. And from a mom's perspective, her song gets even worse from there. It isn't just the usage of b--ch in a form that's anything but strong or assertive. Beyonce also dipped into the rap world and come up with more misogyny for the masses:

I heard your boo was talking lip/ I told my crew to smack that trick.

The word "trick" really puts it over the edge. It's a word I expect to hear out of male rappers, the type I refuse to let my daughter listen to.

But the mother in me expected more from Beyonce the female singer and Beyonce the mother of a little girl. 

Don't you remember how the world got excited for a hot moment when rumor came out that husband Jay-Z was going to drop the b-word from his lexicon after the birth of daughter Blue Ivy? It soon turned out to be a hoax, but still, the idea was out there, and Bey certainly had to hear about it.

As the mother of a little girl, I'd like to think that she'd want to get on board, that she'd want to be a better person -- if not for herself than for her daughter, for all the girls out there who have grown up listening to her music, for the babies of a few years back who were dancing to Single Ladies and are now filling their iPods with Beyonce?

She has become their icon. Even the president said so. He called her the "perfect" role model for his teen daughters, called her out for her "class" and "poise."

Today, mothers like me are wondering where that class has gone.

Listen to the song and tell us -- will you allow your daughters to add this one to their playlists?


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Amber Ortega

OMG that is horrible!  Besides the fact is sounds horrible, it is a horrible message to send to ALL kids...I don't want my son listening to this either.  Geez.  

Blueb... Bluebear5156

She was never exactly "high class". Why are you shocked? Money does not buy class. 

SexyD... SexyDiva19

I posted this video in one of my groups. I found it yesterday on YouTube this song SUCKS! She needs to fire the guy that wrote this song and then apologize to everyone for making a damn fool out of herself. What a bunch of nonsense.

Choco... Chocodoxies

I have to agree with Bluebear. This woman has always rubbed me the wrong way. She is not classy at all. Frankly, I don't think she is very talented. She has a pretty voice, but instead of showcasing it in beautiful melodies, she sings/writes crap songs with the same repeating lyrics over and over and over agian. Some of her songs are catchy for a minute, but just as quickly they become annoying. I don't know, I never expected anything much from her, and this is just one more thing I won't be listening to. 

Kit Caldwell

We need to stop giving words so much power.

mamav... mamavaness

Her head has gotten way too big!

twili... twilightsbella

A role model doesnt dress like a whore

Shandi80 Shandi80

I heard from a super credible source (Yahoo! ....) that she was flashing illuminati signs during her Superbowl striptease, I mean, performance. So these "bow down to me" lyrics make sense if she is one of them.

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

She has let her fame go to her head...Bow down bitches...Really?  I will never buy anything beyonce ever again. She needs to have a seat and reevaluate her plans cause she is way too old to be talking like some wreckless teenager. We all know how successful she is but to tell us to "bow down" like we owe her something...I don't think so! If it wasn't for us she would be some baby mama somewhere in the backstreets of Houston. Heffa have a seat! bad

Corey Knowles

People are so fucking dumb chill tf she can let loose once damn

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