9 Things Every Teen Should Learn to Do Now

pump gasThe other day I noticed a sign at a gas station forbidding "minors" from pumping gas. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume it had something to do with liability, but I still rolled my eyes. Are we raising a generation of kids so inept that a teenager can't handle pumping some gas?

Well, actually, yes. I've been hearing from parents, employers, waitresses, and myriad other adults lately that they're fed up with the stunted development they've noted in a number of today's teens. And parents, let me tell you, it's not just the kids they're mad at it ... it's the parents who are raising these immature teenagers!

So parents, here it is, on behalf of your kids, I've got a list of the life skills they really should know by the time they're teenagers. Time to get started on your kids!

Do your kids know how to do everything on this list? What else do you think teens need to know?


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BeccaLS BeccaLS

I learned to do all of these when I was like 10. Except pump gas. I live in Oregon where they do it for you.

Mindy... Mindymama

Interesting article

nonmember avatar K

I'm 22 and thankfully learned these things, but what I wish unwas taught as a teen was how to file taxes, write a check properly, manage a bank account and budget money. It's not fun to learn the hard way.

I wish I could learn the right amount to tip. I always leave a lot, simply because I'm unsure on what percent people get. Everyone has different views! I wish there was one right way.

nonmember avatar Saoirse

For the young boys/teens, how to treat a lady with dignity, manners and respect.

amiec... amiecanflie

This is a great list and agree with everyone else above. I was so proud of my little man today, he opened the door for me with no prompting :') 

kisse... kisses5050

my girls(12 and 14) know how to do all of theses and more.. they also can: change a tire, check oil,mow the lawn, re- wire a lamp , turn the water off on the toilet, snake a pipe, turn the braker box off,write a check, call a cab, return something to a store, make plane/hotel/dinner reservations,change, printer ink...pretty sure they could live on their own... but they would never put their laundry away

KyrinM KyrinM

My 11 year old knows how to do most of the stuff on the list.  Just need to work on laundry & dressing, he tends to just throw anything on that qualifies as pants or shirt, with no regard for whether it fits right or not.  LOL!  If the waist fits, then it fits, right?  So what that the hems are 6 inches above your ankles!  I try to keep up with his growth & take those pants away, but sometimes I will send him up to get dressed to go out & he will come down in some like that, & no socks...oy!

nonmember avatar Momma

My four year old can pump my gas from start to finish all on his own (with me standing by of course lol) ding dongs....

Christine Bales

yes, I agree.  My 3 kids could do most of the things on the list when they were teenagers and a lot more too., except my youngest who has never pumped her own gas (we live in Oregon). My two older kids are now adults, and my youngest is almost there! She is 17.  I also taught all of my kids before their teen years to sew, and they have thanked me for that because most of the people around them have no clue how to even sew on a button! To me, sewing is something everyone should know how to do, at least the basics.

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