Mom Who Got Drunk on Margaritas With Her Teen Daughter Had the Right Idea at the Wrong Time

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Drunk mom, teenagerIt’s perfectly normal to slip a kid a little nip of champagne at a family wedding or let them have a swig of cocktail at a New Year’s Eve party. (Right? I mean, I don’t drink—never even had a sip, except for an accidental taste of my cousin’s haphazardly placed beer-in-a-plastic-cup—but it seems pretty harmless, if only to satisfy their curiosity.)

That’s debatable, I’m sure, but I’m absolutely positive what’s not normal is Joann Goulet LePage, 51, slipping her 14-year-old daughter so many margaritas at a family restaurant that the child needed hospitalization. Diners at neighboring tables noticed that she was drunk, some even suspecting she was tipsy when she and her mama got to the restaurant.

Mom of the Month is grooming herself a real party girl there.

The restaurant manager—his name is, oh so extra special befittingly, Margarito Rodriguez—served three of the drinks to LePage during the course of the mother-daughter meal. Unbeknownst to him, at least initially, she was sliding them across the table to her teenager. He picked up on what she was doing and told them they had to leave but discovered that Girl Child was too drunk and stumblebum to be safe.

After a brief stay in the hospital, she’s now in her father’s custody.

There is a great amount of controversy surrounding how much experimental freedom parents should facilitate within their homes. Moms and dads have gone down for giving kids carte blanche to drink, and do drugs, and bump and grind, and otherwise take debauchery on a test drive. Their thinking is, “if kids are going to do it anyway, they might as well do it where they’re safe.”

I get the thought process, but I’m not so sure I agree with making it all so accessible. Where does it stop? If you allow your son and his friends to drink kegs of beer in your living room, do you then say it’s OK for him to bring home a prostitute and step up his sex game? If you allow your daughter to smoke weed in the living room, should you be outraged if she graduates to popping molly in her bedroom? What makes one illegal activity and social taboo justifiable enough to do at home and not another?

LePage, who’s been charged with risk of injury to a minor, admitted to giving up the slosh, but according to her daughter, that’s not unusual. The teenager told police that her mama often gives her alcohol with meals. Oh yes, all you cynical moms reading this blog post. There’s that. Cheers.

Is it better to allow your kid to experiment under your watch or let them do it the good ol’ fashioned way: behind your back? 

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Shandi80 Shandi80

So, how again did this mom "do nothing wrong"? This title is seriously bait and switch, even for the Stir.

tuffy... tuffymama

This woman deserves a kick in the ass and serious jail time. Experimentation is not all the time or binge drinking. A SIP is one thing. Ordering hard liquor drinks for a child is outrageous. I hope the father is a better parent than the mother. Wow.

Lobelle Lobelle

Again ..a title totally irrelevant of the actual story.

Pamela Maynard-Alexander

A sip is no  big thing. I understand a parents thought on drinking at home with them. However, my mom never let me have more than sip till I was 16. Then it was  very, very littlle. I was 19 and with friends before I had hard stuff. 

Chris... ChristyM123

I was aloud to have a little bit of alchol here and there when I was a "tween" and a teenager, but NEVER was I given even enough to get even slightly tipsy. I'm talking maybe enough champagne at New Year's to fill a couple of shot glasses until I got into my late teens, not like my parents were really serving me drinks. I think giving your kid a little but every now and then on special occasions is okay. I was never the type who went out drinking and partying when I was too young, and if there WAS alcohol at a party, I was always honest with my parents about it. To me, if you make alcohol strictly taboo and not aloud even a little bit here and there (if you are a parent that drinks alcohol from time to time) you're more likely to have your kid go nuts with it when they get older, just because it was forbidden. In my early 20's I enjoyed getting drunk with my husband and friends from time to time on the weekends, but now in my late 20's I've learned it's not worth the hangover. What this woman did was absolutely, without a doubt, one of the dumbest and irresponsible acts of parenting I've ever heard. The only good that may come out of it is maybe the child will be turned off of alcohol since she had such a horrible experience with it.

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