Mom Accused of Tasing 14-Year-Old Son for 'Discipline' Needs Parenting Lessons

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taserIt's the age old argument: who decides how a parent disciplines their own kid? Is it the parents or the government? A mom who allegedly tased her 14-year-old son just found out the hard way that sometimes it's the latter.

Yes, a mom tased her kid (well, allegedly tased her kid). Cops in Texas say Kimira Hysaw used a stun gun on her son's head, arms, back, and legs.

This time the taser was reportedly supposed to be discipline for playing basketball without permission, but Hysaw allegedly uses the taser on the regular to keep her kid in line.

Can you imagine?

We hear from parents getting angry all the time that the government is too involved in our business. But folks, this is why we don't just get to do what we want with our kids ... because some parents go so far over the line that they can't even see said line in the rearview.

I get it. I have a 7-year-old. There are days she drives me absolutely bonkers, and she needs discipline. That's my job, not the government's.

But I can't imagine ever doing anything to her that I wouldn't allow someone else to do to me. That's how I draw the line. Unfortunately, there are parents out there who don't seem to see it that way. Can you imagine this mom letting someone use a Taser on her? Me neither.

Hysaw is now facing charges of injury to a child. Here's hoping parenting classes are in her future!

Do you think the government is too involved in parenting decisions? Does this change your feeling on that?


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Josie Gomez

This mom needs an ass whooping

nonmember avatar blanche

This is not a parenting debate.This was a crime and was treating as such.

redK8... redK8blueSt8

Sure she needs parenting class, but she's about 10 years too late. I don't know the discipline problem that he son is in general.

 I know moms that are tiny (5'2" and 115lbs sopping wet) with young teenage boys that are near 6' and 200lbs. Throw in a lack of any father to speak of and I can see where this situation might, in desperation, seem like the only option available. Again I don't know the situation in particular at all.

nonmember avatar Victoria

I think that the government AND healthcare providers need to have an active role in teaching parents about their role as disciplinarians. A lot of parents want the best for their children but aren't aware of HOW the forms of discipline they choose can develop their kids developmentally. It is definitely the role of a care provider, at least, to provide that information and intervene when necessary.

Happy... Happydad73

Wow. Parenting classes huh? If this had been a dad, you would be calling for him to be thrown under the prison, but since its a mom, who obviously must be under an awful lot of stress trying to raise this teenager, she needs parenting classes. Good call. Way to show how thoughtful and intellegent you are. Sexism lives on, but its not from theen this time.

slwinner slwinner

Guessing that Wal-Mart sells tasers.


Rachel Gilmore

i feel the government is to involved in some lives an not enough in others i feel over all the government has to much control

Terry Haffey Westby

No i dont if she does that to her kid! I mean who does she thinks she is God! she should go to Jail..Poor Kid! In my eyes that is just not right!!


to much in control! what would you do if someone did that to your child?

kiriis kiriis

The dad held him down. They should both be in jail. So much for the he didn't have a daddy defence.

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