Hockey Coach Trips Kid on Opposing Team & Breaks His Wrist (VIDEO)

hockey If a 13-year-old peewee hockey player falls and breaks his wrist, does he make a sound? Well, he does if he was purposefully tripped by the opposing team's coach during the goodgame, goodgame, goodgame hand-slap. Martin Tremblay, 48, was apparently so pissed at this kid that he literally stuck his leg out on the ice for him to trip over. The poor kid fell, broke a bone, and now Tremblay's been charged with assault. The most shocking thing about this? The sentence the judge threw at him.


Tremblay was forced to serve 15 days in jail and will be on probation for a year. His lawyer thought the punishment didn't fit the crime as Tremblay reportedly suffered enough after the incident -- his wife left him and his construction company started to flail -- but the judge insisted he abused the public's trust when he tripped that young kid.

It seems like a pretty cut and dry case to me -- if you assault someone, you have to pay the consequences, no matter how poorly your life's going. Clearly Tremblay had some unresolved anger issues if he was able to take down a child, and yeah, 15 days in the slammer isn't fun, but neither is getting sucker punched, essentially, by the other team's adult coach.

Sportsmanship is half the reason we enroll our kids in these types of activities. Along with the physical exercise and the joy of the sport, there's the benefit that kids get to learn how to play well with others, win with grace, and lose with grace, too.

Tremblay missed the memo on that one, and for that, he's suffering. I know I wouldn't want him coaching my son or daughter ...

Would you?

Watch the trip:


Photo via Paul L Dineen/Flickr

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