Greedy, Gross Adult Entertainment Guys Want to Turn 'Miss Teen USA' Into Something Dirty

tiaraI can think of about 100 reasons I will never let my daughter compete in pageants. No, wait, make that 101. Because this week Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King has been offered a quarter of a million dollars to promote a hardcore porn site!

The offer from YouPorn came right after the 18-year-old was forced to turn in her crown and sash over a dirty video that allegedly features the teenage pageant queen. King, for her part, denies it's her in the video. But that didn't stop the porn site from trying to take advantage of the publicity ... the publicity involving a pageant for TEENAGERS.


I guess I shouldn't have expected any better from a porn site, huh?

Wait a minute. Yes, I should. OK, so Melissa King is 18 years old and she's already got a scandal that may or may not be of her own making. But the fact is, the folks at YouPorn had to be wholly aware that they were walking into an arena that involved a whole bunch of kids, and they decided to dive in anyway.

Just take a look at King's Miss Delaware bio. It's littered with references to fifth grade art contests and participating in the FFA. Legal age aside, it's very clear that she's still a kid or at least pretending to be one for the sake of the pageant.

And it's that image that the folks at YouPorn think they can use to push hardcore porn to the masses. A kid who still likes to talk about the monkey mask she made in fifth grade that helped her win an award.

What's next? Is every pageant girl going to get one of these invites on her 18th birthday? Is this what we've become? A society where our girls show up on the radar of the adult entertainment industry where the execs count down the days until they are "just" legal?

It may not be pedophilia, but it's so darn close that it's disgusting. And it should send a message to parents who even consider letting their daughters join the pageant circuit: you are opening your girls up to this kind of attention. Is it what you really want?

Would you allow your daughter to participate in a pageant? Why or why not?


Image via smbuckley23/Flickr

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