'Real Housewife' Yolanda Foster Has Some Shocking Things to Say About Being a Mom

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yolanda fosterYolanda Foster may pick organic lemons from her personal lemon grove then go inside her immaculate mansion and make herself some sort of lemon cleanse, but that doesn't mean she's totally unrelatable -- The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently gave an interview in which she expounds on the virtues or motherhood. Sure, she's disappointed that she can't get her model daughter a second horse, and yeah, she wears a multi-thousand-dollar Hermes belt buckle, but still, she's just a mom at heart.

Check out what she has to say on the subject so near and dear to us:

My days are crazy, like most moms in the world. My days are full every day, but I think that's what makes us women so powerful: A guy could never [balance] that! We're just able to juggle it all [as moms].

Amen, mamacita, amen. Shocking how relatable she is! She credits being born with the organizational gene for keeping her home running smoothly, but as any mom knows, to be disorganized is to sin. Nothing like scrambling around that last minute to find your son's soccer shin guards to really highlight the importance of a home in harmony.

And as far as providing meals for her children, husband, and five stepdaughters goes, Yolanda says she's not a great cook, but she's not afraid to make mistakes, and I think most of us can relate -- we might not be a Top Chef in the kitchen, but we make it work.

Yolanda's got three teens, Gigi, 17, Bella, 16, and Anwar, 13, and seems to be an involved parent (if not too involved -- she was criticized for pushing Gigi too hard in her modelling career). Even though on the surface Yolanda doesn't seem that relatable, I think deep down, she's just a woman trying to raise three teenagers the best she can.

And because of that, we can sympathize.

Do you like watching Yolanda on RHOBH?


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nonmember avatar Jackie

I love watching her! Everyone says she is boring but I think she is the most real housewife on there! I also like the fact she does things for herself, most of the other woman don't.

PinkB... PinkButterfly66

Barf!  Poor rich mommy, she's really just one of us, really -- barf.

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

I like her alot. She seems so no nonsense kind of woman.

nonmember avatar sparemeyolanda

Her full day: 1) Have nanny cook breakfast for kids and give servants a list of things to do. 2) Pick lemons and roses from the garden, tended by paid gardeners 3) Go for massage and yoga 4) Salon appointment 5) Shopping on Rodeo 6)Make spaghetti for dinner as a once-a-month "fun" change from professional chef making dinner 7)Bedtime!

Most moms' busy days: 1)Do Laundry at 5am 2) Wake to screaming kids, make breakfast, make all lunches, make sure everyone gets to school 3)Go to WORK all day 4)Run to market, dry cleaner 5)Make dinner 6)Vacuum, clean the house, clean up the kitchen 7) Pay bills 8) Collapse.

Yeah, those are TOTALLY the same.

Todd Vrancic

I resent that she said that a guy could never balance what is necessary to keep a home running, but that's her opinion, and she certainly has the right to hold mistaken beliefs.

nonmember avatar Pam

Great that some people are so busy. What about all these worthless housewives nobody is willing to hire? I would like to have a full time job for sure.

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