Teen Who Takes Care of Siblings After Mother’s Death Is Awesomely Rewarded for His Hard Work (VIDEO)

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teen walks in snowHe may be the only 18-year-old in history who can actually, and factually, complain about walking 10 miles to work in the snow, but something tells me Jhaqueil Reagan isn't one for complaining. When his mother died two years ago, he had to quit school and find a job so that he could take care of his younger siblings. But work in Indianapolis wasn't especially easy to find, so when Jhaqueil was hired for a minimum wage position at a thrift store, he didn't let the gnarly, nasty 10-mile walk to work get in his way. He couldn't afford the bus fare.

Three miles into one snowy, slushy trek to the store, he came across a restaurant owner de-icing the sidewalk, and moments later, everything changed.

Jhaqueil asked Art Bouvier, owner of Papa Roux Cajun Cooking, how much further he had 'til he reached the store, and Art, shocked at the condition in which the teen was walking, said it was another seven miles or so, and suggested he take the bus.

Then, driving along the road a little while later, Art saw Jhaqueil still walking and offered him a ride. The two got to chatting, and blown away with the boy's work ethic, Art dropped him off at the thrift store, then came up with a way to surprise Jhaqueil with a job at his eatery.

Art posted about his happenstance meeting with this plucky kid on Facebook, and people started sharing his story like crazy. The Indianapolis Public Transportation caught wind of the inspiring kid and presented him with a year's worth of free bus passes.

Jhaqueil, it would seem, is more excited than ever to work. "It's crazy. I don't even know. It's really crazy. My heart's just racing right now. I'm just too excited, just excited to start."

We hear a lot of stories of kids getting arrested for causing mob scenes in malls, and kids shooting people for fun, and kids bullying others to death, even, so thank god for Jhaqueil.

He's setting a wonderful example for his siblings, and for all of us, young and old. His work ethic, determination, and great attitude paid off. We try and teach our children that those values matter, that they do, in fact, get you further in life than taking the easy road, and Jhaqueil illustrates that point to a T.

Here's hoping he makes a great gumbo.

How do you teach your kids about work ethic?

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Pinkmani Pinkmani

WOW! I'd really like for him to be able to go to school (working minimum wage in a restaurant won't last forever). I wonder if he has one of those money donation accounts. 

Irela... Ireland69

WOW May God Bless him and the owner.  He could have  just left his siblings with family but he didn't.

mande... manderspanders

Just goes to show that 18 year olds are capable of being the ADULTS they are (since our society wants to coddle the kids until their mid-20s).  If you want your child to grow up like this, then teach them to be resourceful and indepenent. Make them learn what it takes to live... basic household common sense, budgeting, etc.

What a great man he turned out to be; I'm sure his mother would be proud.

Tracy Torres

great story god bless both of them

Pandora Jade

I would like to see him get his schooling finished as well. This is a heart warming story and I'm glad to see their are still people out there like both of those guys. One will do what he needs to do to hold a family together and one that gives jobs to those who need it and are willing to go that extra mile :) God bless you both.



Bella... Bellaboobear

May god blessed this wonderful man for taking such a huge responsiblity. I hope he will one day get to finish his schooling. Him and his siblings are in my prayers and my heart.

Stacy Walsh

Someone with the means needs to step up and help this kid get an education. Thank GOD the restaurant owner gave him a job. Hopefully we can find a way for this kid to work and go to school. Karma.

Brayl... Braylen1215

I hope that he's able to get his GED/HS diploma. Min. wage jobs aren't cutting it today. But bless his heart for being the man his mother would of been so proud of. WAY TO GO JHAQUEIL! 


nonmember avatar Liz

This is an awesome example of dedication, and love.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

ummm...fact check...as someone who lives in Indianapolis and saw the story first hand on Papa Roux Facebook page...FIRST he was not GOING TO work at a thrift store, he was going for a JOB INTERVIEW...SECOND he didn't ask about the store, he asked about the intersection (10th and Sherman)...THIRD he gave hime $ for lunch that day...FOURTH it's not "Indianapolis Public Transit" it's "IndyGo"...oy! Remember people, when you read it on here, read the REAL article to get the REAL story...dang.

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