Victoria's Secret's New Teen Lingerie Is Something All Moms Should Be Happy About

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My nine-year-old tween daughter recently declared that she had nothing to wear. Since I’m usually behind in the laundry department, I figured she might be right. Upon inspection of her closet, however, I found several outfits hanging up, washed and ready to be worn.

“They’re Gymboree,” she told me with the same disgusted, I’m-too-old-for-that tone she might have used if I handed her a Dora coloring book to occupy herself. So Gymboree is apparently out, and Justice in is. It’s not going to be long before she’s going to be shopping for more grown-up undergarments either -- and into the debate about Victoria’s Secret for tweens we go.

Victoria’s Secret’s Pink line markets itself to the collegiate market, but seems to be joining a growing group of other chains in marketing to younger and younger girls -- even middle schoolers. Hot Topic is testing a lingerie line called Blackheart, Urban Outfitters claims that “intimates could eventually make up 10 percent of sales,” and Justice, the store marketed specifically to the 7 to 12 set, is selling tie-dye bras and flowered panties.

All of a sudden, I understand who fits into those XS bikini briefs that taunt me from the table at Victoria’s Secret. I knew no one past puberty could fit into those! Anyway, as the mom of a girl that is soon going to decide she doesn’t want cartoon characters on her underwear, and will be wearing a bra sooner rather than later, I’m going to have to figure out where we’re going to purchase them.

It’ll probably be Victoria’s Secret -- and I have no problem with that. I even like that fact that they are marketing toward a younger audience. What’s wrong with having fun, bright-colored underwear? Girls change all the time in front of each other -- for sports or recreational activities that require it, at slumber parties or camp, for the school play … no one wants to be the girl with the ugly underwear.

Besides, they offer a high-quality product, knowledgeable salespeople, and cushy changing rooms with lighting that won’t make my girl even more freaked out about her changing body. And there’s something grown-up and special about shopping where the Big Girls shop, almost like being inducted into the Sisterhood, as cheesy as it sounds.

That being said, if I ever see a lacy red bra or g-string marketed for my kid, you can bet I’ll have something to say about it -- and it won’t be pretty.

Do you think it’s appropriate for teens and tweens to shop at Victoria’s Secret?

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mande... manderspanders

What's wrong with Walmart, or Target? And, I'd say "high quality" undergarments shouldn't be an issue to a tween/teen who will out grow it before it ever shows wear anyway. Same reason all my baby clothes are USED... No need to spend the extra money when they just outgrow it anyway.

Btw, your kid is 9. She shouldn't get to dictate where her clothes come from...make her earn the name brand.

handy... handy0318

I guess the potential controversy here would be the sexualization of girls at an earlier and earlier age...which I agree is a real problem in our society.

If that's the case, I don't think that simply shopping at Victoria's Secret is part of the problem.  I'm with manderspanders on Target or Walmart... I don't see spending big bucks on bras and panties, not even for myself really, but I don't have a problem with girls having pretty underclothing and if a mom usually gets her bras from VS...then there's no reason why she should't shop there for her daughter.

Nycti... Nyctimene

Victoria's Secret aren't high quality. I've heard so many women, even some who work in the garments industry, complain about their cheap products that fall apart after only three or four washes. 

I can definitely see marketing to actual tweens (10-12) because a lot of girls are in stages of puberty by then but I think extending that back to 7 and marketing bras to 7 and 8 year olds is a little ridiculous. My son is 8 and nobody in his class, even the chubby girls, had any need for a bra yet. I can't imagine the girls in his class whining to their mothers to shop at adult lingerie stores. :-/

Fine, no Dora or Minnie Mouse on the undies. But I agree with Manders...why not an 'in between 'place like Walmart or Sears then? Why is it either Gymboree and diapers or shopping for 'colorful full-butt panties' in between g-strings and nipple tassles at Agent Provocateur and no grey area? 

The80s The80s

Wait a minute?! So your daughter can complain about super-expensive, low quality name brands? Unreal. Anyhoo, I think a girl who is an acutual tween (10 - 11 and up) can shop at VS, but the parents should really think it through first. VS is horribly expensive and low quality.

manda... mandaschelle

Sorry but my DD (2) will be in Gymboree until they no longer have her size. I'm not buying her slutty clothes or undergarments that she wants to show off. If the cartoon characters are out she can have plain Jane white or solid colors.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

Yep, you're all so right, shopping for VS underwear makes you a slut. Should have known.....

Serab... Serabelle

when I was 9, I was an A cup, by 11, I was a C cup, and I wasn't fat, just gifted. Back then, all they had were ugly, beige bras. I would have loved something like the pink line, or even what Justice has. And for those of you freaking out about the kid not wanting Gymboree, try to remember when you were 9, all you wanted was to be cool. Justice isn't that much more expensive, and a 9 year old is their target demographic. Now I do agree that paying VS prices for a 9 year old is a bit crazy, but Justice, Targe or Walmart all have super cute stuff that isn't as expensive.

zaksm... zaksmommy12

How in the world is shopping a vs make someone a slut? Just because someone is wearing cute underwear does not make them slutty. They have more things at Pink or VS than just thongs. Boy shorts are amazing for little kids. If I ever have a daughter I wouldn't mind her shopping there. I buy all my bras from Pink and have never had a problem with them falling apart.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

I've gotten my underwear at VS since I was 11 or so. Nothing fancy...just plain colors, couple of prints here and there, and no thongs. They also run good deals like 5/$25 on many underwear styles. Now I am obviously older and have remained a devoted VS customer. They're still good for the basics and now I get some of the...well...less innocent things haha

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