High Schoolers Plan 'Traditional' Prom That Bans Gay Kids

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prom corsageIt's prom time! That time of year when kids get all gussied up and start picking on their gay classmates for daring to be a little different. Yes, it's happening again. In one Indiana high school this year, there's even a call for a traditional prom that would outright ban gay kids.

Outraged yet? Let me throw this log onto the fire: the kids who are trying to organize this so-called "traditional" dance at Sullivan High School are being backed by their parents.

Way to prep your kids for the real world, folks!

This particular prom protest has gone viral because of the blatant homophobia, but the problem isn't just parents in Indiana letting their kids bully their gay peers. It's parents everywhere fighting the fight to homogenize high schools so their little snowflakes never have to feel uncomfortable with, gasp, diversity!

It makes high school hell for the kids who are different, who are caught up in the delusional "perfect" worlds these parents are trying to build for their kids.

But the real trouble begins when the little darlings graduate from high school and enter a world where Mommy and Daddy can't make the scary differences go away. This is why bullying doesn't stop after graduation. This is why there are hate crimes in America!

Because out here, there are gay people and black people and people with speech impediments and wheelchairs and every difference under the sun. And we aren't just going to hide away while some narrow-minded prat throws a dance.

Would you let your kid go to a "traditional prom" that excludes gay kids?


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Irela... Ireland69

So sad what parents teach their kids we're all different and we are no one to judge people preferences.  Don't they know about Karma? How do they know that one day these kids might have a child that is gay or that in their family there is someone is gay.  Just wait until they go into the real world.  I teach my boys to respect everybody no matter what race, religion, sex preference. If they take my advice i did my part if they don't they didn't learn hate from me.

Christie Haskell

Not only would my kids NOT attend, but I'm hoping I'm raising the kind of kids who would get the idea to host their own non-hateful prom instead. I know I would have, if I'd attended this school.

And I'm not even gay! I'm just not an asshole!

jhslove jhslove

No, and hopefully my daughter would never want to go to an event that's meant to exclude and rooted in bigotry.

If they want to have a "traditional" prom (and I disagree that that's the appropriate term for this event), then they have every right to do so and invite or not invite anyone they want. But it should not be held on school grounds or be sponsored by the school in any way.

jhslove jhslove

Christie Haskill, I think that's a great idea! There should be another prom the same night that accepts all kinds of couples; I know which would be more well attended around here.

nonmember avatar Bradley

Even if I would let my kids go to this prom (which I wouldn't), they would absolutely refuse to go. I'm very proud of how accepting they are of people who don't look or think like they do. What's wrong with the idiot parents at this high school??

bella... bellacazzate

By her own logic, Diana Medley definitely chose to be an ignoramus... and an anus. 

nonmember avatar kat

I don't have kids of my own and won't for a while, but when I do, I'd hope they'd make the choice not to go on their own, rather than have me forbid it.

I agree that, if kids of other-than-straight orientations are being excluded, this should no longer be a school-sanctioned event. I'm still trying to decide between encouraging them to attend "stag" (basically buy their separate tickets, but still have a pre-prom date and arrive together and dance together), or create their own, even better prom to which any student who would like to attend is invited. Either would be grand, and I'd back those kids 100%.

Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

If my kid is old enough to go to Prom then my kid is old enough to make the decision to go or not on their own (as long as they are paying for it). Though I am proud to say that I am 100% positive that all of my kids would make the choice to NOT go...(I'd like to think anyway) seeing as how I not only have always taught them to respect all human beings and not to discriminate for any reason  but also considering how much they love their Granny and Nanny (my mom and her partner of 20yrs.). Sad how some people can't just get over it.The gay kids aren't going to start frenching on the dance floor for cryin' out loud. If I were one of the gay students being "punished" by these self righteous brat kids and their parents I wouldn't want to go anyway and would have my own damn prom or not worry about it at all.It IS just a dance after-all, not the end of the world... though that doesn't make what the judgy kids are doing, right or acceptable at all. I hope the LGTB kids at this school can find a solution for whatever they want to see happen,whether that be acceptance into the prom or having a prom of their own.What I REALLY would like to see is no more judgement anywhere ever and instead see tolerance,respect and common courtesy towards others... try teaching your kids THAT instead of how much better they are than anyone who's different. 

doodledo doodledo

No way would I let my kid attend any prom put on by bigots of any persuasion.

laure... laurenemb

Did anyone read the actual article where a teacher compared homosexuality to SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN. That's insulting to all parties involved. What a horrid display of bigotry and intolerance. Every single parent and prom attendee should be ashamed.

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