Teen Fulfills Mother’s Dying Wish to See Him Graduate in Most Special Way Possible (VIDEO)

teen graduationJennifer Linnabary's dying wish was to see her son graduate from high school. Battling blood cancer for four years, she had held on to see her daughter get married last summer, and her last, final request was to witness her son wrap up his high school career. When her condition took a turn for the worse earlier this week, Ben knew what to do.

Gathered by Jennifer's hospital bedside, school officials, family, and friends watched Ben graduate. To say it's emotional is the understatement of the century.

This teen, Ben, he's awesome. I'm so proud of him and I've never even met him, let alone been to Ohio. I'm impressed by his bravery (it can't be easy to gather everyone around your dying mother so that you can have a graduation ceremony); I'm impressed by his commitment to making his mother happy; and I'm impressed by his love.

His mom was unable to open her eyes during the ceremony, but she was aware what was going on. After he received his diploma, he threw his hat in the air, turned to his mother, and said, "I graduated, Mom."

Eighteen-year-old Ben will walk in the graduation ceremony with his peers come June, but his mom won't be there to see his second commemoration.

Jennifer, 52, died the day after Ben's graduation in her hospital room.



Photo via David Bray/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Heather

What an amazing story and what a thoughtful son, im sure his mom will smile down on him from Heaven on the day he gets his diploma for real. May this family be blessed always

gridi... gridironsmom

I assume he had the credits to graduate early. So cool!

Smoke... Smokeygirl

Wow, what a tear jerker. Poor family. What a great kid.

Shell89 Shell89

My town did this a couple years ago. One of my friends husband was dying of cancer and the school had a 'graduation' ceremony at their house for their daughter. The principal and a few of her teacher attended and gave her her 'diploma' I don't know if at the time she enough credits to officially graduate it was the thought that counted. Her father saw graduate. He died a month later and 2 moths after that was the schools graduation.

tuffy... tuffymama

Life is so damn unfair sometimes.

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