'Rowdy' Teens Rescue Toddlers From Attempted Kidnapping

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playgroundTeenagers get a bad rap, especially when they're in big groups acting rowdy. But here's a lesson for moms who give their teens grief for hanging out with their pals and doing nothing. When a would-be child abductor tried to grab toddlers in a Florida park on Saturday, it was the group of loud teens who came to their rescue.

The story goes that Sharaya Smith had taken her 3-year-old daughter and 4-year-old nephew to the park to play, and she'd told the noisy teens to knock it off. Fortunately the kids didn't hold it against her when a man came out of the woods and made for the toddlers.

Smith wasn't able to grab the little kids and get away, so when she shouted for help, the teenagers formed a circle around her and the kids until she could get them safely into her car. She then called the cops who arrested a man named Bienvenido Cintron and charged him with attempted kidnapping.

How lucky was she that those teens were there? And that they did the right thing?

Smith is calling the teenagers her heroes, and she's more than a little embarrassed that she'd yelled at them earlier.

Let's face it: the attitude she had at the beginning of the ordeal is exactly why letting your teen hang out with a group of other kids can be scary for moms. People are scared of teens just hanging out, and they judge the heck out of them.

But as this little rescue mission so clearly reminds us, most teenagers are generally good kids. And when you get a bunch of good kids together, you never know what they'll do ... maybe save a mom and two kids from a kidnapper?

Do you judge groups of teenagers? What goes through your mind?


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LostS... LostSoul88

what an awesome story! Most teenagers are good kids. 

corri... corrinacs

You are right LostSoul88.  Most kids are good.  They can be loud and rowdy for sure, but at least they are doing it in hte right place (outside).  I am glad that these teens came to the aid of this mom.

the4m... the4mutts

i never judge teens simply for being loud and obnoxious. Its their job lol

The only time teens bother me, is when theyre sitting on playground equipment & drinking beer or whatever.

1. Illegal.

2. They get sloppy drunk, and could accidently hurt a kid.

Im used to teens, as its only been 10 yrs since I was one, and since i have 3 teenage nephews, ages 19, 16, and 13. We're always around them, their friends, their gfs... im used to it.

Carol Hernandez

IF a group of "kids" approached me in public, I would let them know I notice them. I have no reason to judge teen. Most teens are cool too. Sure you may run into a teen in the bunch that is doing a bad thing or just trying to show off but most of them better ... ;)

Kediset Kediset

Clicked the link for more details... freaky looking guy @.@ and anyways, apparently he called the police on the teens who helped the lady saying he was attacked by them . yea uhuh... I'm not sure what you're expecting to happen when you're out to harm someone. good thing he got caught though.

Asilee M. Barnes

This story brought tears to my eyes...

krist... kristensmommy

What a great story! Good to know there are still some good kids left in this world that are willing to jump in and help!

shufli2 shufli2

Teens are very big hearted kids! I'm a school bus driver and let me tell you, I enjoy my middle/high school runs far better than my elementary routes. Don't get me wrong I love all the kiddos that ride my bus, but I enjoy the teens the most. They are fun, thoughtful, interesting, and intelligent young adults. I would put money on it that everyone if the approximately 60 teens on my bus would've protected this mom and the two toddlers with her. Yeah teens get a bad rap when hanging out in large groups, maybe because the boys are showing off for the girls or maybe they're experimenting with "adult adjectives" but to judge all of them based on doing normal expected teen behavior is with out merit more times than not.

Steph... StephMosDef

Ok, this guy gets arrested for attempted kidnapping and the woman who actually KIDNAPPED 2 boys was let go? ummmm anyone see something wrong here?

Megan... MegansMom09

It's unfortunate that the few teens who are not good people make a bad image for the rest of them. But, having been a teenager not so long ago myself, I tend to be less judgemental of them. I personally know a lot of good teenage kids and it's sad how they get judged just because of a handful of teens who have made a bad image for them.

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