Teacher Gives Science Test With Questions on Dead Babies & Throwing Kids Into Walls

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taking testWe all want innovative educators working with our kids. But a Florida high school teacher may have been a bit too creative. The science test he gave to students included questions about driving over babies and teachers throwing kids into walls.

Sound like the kind of guy you want teaching your kids? I'm not so sure I'd be signing my kid up for Dean Liptak's class.

Just check out the questions from his violent science test:

A 50 kg student has a momentum of 500 kg m/s as the teacher launches him toward the wall, what is the velocity of the student heading toward the wall?

A northbound car with a velocity of 100 m/s ran over a baby with a momentum of 800 kg m/s, what is the mass of the car?

Yikes. Sounds like someone missed the day tact and sensitivity were handed out.

The kids at Fivay High School all love Liptak. He's apparently one of those funny teachers who makes his subject matter easy for kids to understand. As a mom who struggles to explain something like math to my kid, I know that's a real gift. These are the kind of teachers we want -- the ones who can relate to our kids and really educate them.

On the other hand, his test questions show he's got a problem with poor judgment and a possible underlying problem with rage toward children. I don't want that kind of guy within 20 yards of my kid, forget in an enclosed space with her as the person she has to depend on to teach her for an entire school year.

The questions may not necessarily indicate a powder keg about to blow, but someone who works with kids should have keyed in on how inappropriate it is to talk about child abuse in such a flippant manner. If a teacher thinks dead babies are funny, can they really be expected to teach our kids with respect and compassion?

Would you be upset if your child came home with questions like these on a test? Would you want this man teaching your kids?


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nonmember avatar tammy

This teacher used to be a Pro Wrestler. I think his "shock" value they use in pro wrestling carried over into the classroom. I'm sure he will get some training on what is appropriate. yikes.

emmieh emmieh

Not only that, he's not too bright. A car going 100 meters per second is kind of impossible. 

handy... handy0318

OK, I think the armchair analysis of "poor judgment and a possible underlying problem with rage toward children" is a little over the top. The questions were inappropriate but obviously a sophomoric attempt by a teacher to be funny/cool. Had my kid brought home a test with those questions, I'd call the teacher and tell him not cool... but if he's an otherwise successful teacher helping kids understand a tough subject like math...something like this isn't worthy to call his career into question.

nonmember avatar Gretta

Sorry. But that was POOR JUDGEMENT. And when you display poor judgement at work (espicially around other people's kids) you risk losing your job. Tough.

the4m... the4mutts

LoL its not his job to teach morals or sensitivity. Its the parents' job.

And I threaten to throw my kids out a window on a daily basis. "I swear if you run through the kitchen one more time, I will pick you up and toss you out that window!!"

Know what happens? They run through the kitchen again.

My favorite joke to irritate my dad? "Whats the difference between a truck load of dead babies, and a truck load of ping pong balls? You an unload the dead babies with a pitchfork."

We're a buncha sick fucks in my house.

bills... billsfan1104

Hahhahhahhhhahaha the4mutts.

kelti... kelticmom

I don't find dead baby jokes to be funny or in good taste, and I daresay parents who have lost babies do either. And excuse me 4mutts, aren't you pro-life like myself and Billsfan as well? If so, I find that joke to be even more appalling.

nonmember avatar mmmm

@the 4 mutts I've always heard that it's a truck full of jars of pickles. I mean, what a sick joke that I've never laughed at ever.

MaraJ... MaraJade27

I don't get the baby comment. But talking about throwing kids against walls was funny. It's to get the students' attention. And you hear them - they love this teacher. People should look for actual criminals to go after.

monke... monkeymom1104

It could have ran over a cardboard cutout of bieber or a blow up doll. A baby!?! I don't find that the leadt bit funny!

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