Awesome Do-Gooders Who Collect Prom Dresses for Needy Teens Deserve a Crown

prom dressesBecause everyone deserves the opportunity to wear a dress they'll regret in 10 years, vomit into a CVS bag in the backseat of one of their friends' dad's cars, and to be a part of high school's most revered tradition, generous people across the land have organized prom dress donation groups to help teens in need.

A math teacher in New Jersey has started a ball gown closet for boys' and girls' prom formal-wear, and believe it or not, the Los Angeles Police Department is also getting in on the giving action.


In New Jersey, Natalia Sisti started "The Ballroom" in a closet at home where she stored formal gowns and the ilk, and it's since grown to include over 100 dresses. (There are tuxes, too, for the boys.) Sisti noticed, as a teacher, that some students were wearing clothes that were far too casual for a formal dance and decided to start collecting dresses that girls could borrow for free. She's received tons of support and the donated items continue to accumulate.

On the other side of the nation, the LAPD is in its first year of collecting prom dresses for underprivileged teens, and so far, the response has been incredible. They've collected loads of gowns, shoes, and clutches for girls at Eagle Rock High School and Franklin High School. They've even gone so far as to set up "boutique days" at local police stations where girls can go and try on dresses and, hopefully, take one home.

If you look, there's bound to be a similar prom dress donation organization in your hometown and it might be worth donating to or, on the other hand, utilizing.

The prom dress drives offer a great opportunity to teach our teens the value of a dollar or, conversely, an excellent way to open their eyes to the reality that not everyone can run out to the department store and spend a couple hundo on a dress they'll wear once.

Twice, maybe, when they come home during winter break from college and want to use their prom dress to figure out if they really have put on the freshman 15, but still.

I hear a prom dress can be an important milestone in a teen's life -- it's wonderful to hear that more girls than ever will reach it this year.

Is there a prom dress donation drive in your town?


Photo via Banjo Brown/Flickr

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