Kylie Jenner Deserves to Know Who Her Real Father Is

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paternity testAs if putting their childhoods on a reality show for the entire world to see wasn't enough of a reason for Kris Jenner's teenage daughters to need some hardcore therapy when they grow up, there's another bombshell in the Kardashian world. Rumor has it Kylie Jenner may not dad Bruce's biological daughter.

What? First Khloe may not really be a Kardashian, and now Kylie may not really be a Jenner? What is up with this family?

The report of Kylie's questionable paternity comes out of the tabloids, so we're taking this one with huge grains of salt. The kind you rim the margarita glass with.

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Still, it's not outside of the realm of possibility. Children find out every day that the person they thought was their father really isn't. Just this week we saw it on Teen Mom 2 with the ever scandalous Jenelle Evans admitting she didn't know the true paternity of her little boy.

Fortunately for Evans, little kids forget people rather easily. Teenagers don't. Kylie isn't little. She's 15 years old. And for 15 years, she's considered Bruce Jenner her dad.

So what do you do in a situation like this? If Kris really stepped out on Bruce and conceived one of her daughters with another man, does she have to tell Kylie?

From an ethical standpoint, yes. It would hurt like hell for everyone involved, but kids deserve the truth. Not only do you have to consider health issues (it's not helpful giving a doctor your health history if it really isn't YOUR health history!), but you have to think about their rights as human beings. There's a reason there's been a movement toward more open adoptions in America in the last decade or so. At some point, kids want to know more about the people who created them.

What would come next is up to the kid as much as it is up to the two dads involved. Something tells me a guy like Bruce Jenner, who has been patriarch of a mixed family for years, wouldn't just up and abandon Kyle no matter who her "real" dad was. That's the difference between a "dad" and a "father."

Hopefully these rumors are completely unfounded, but either way, it would behoove Kris to sit her daughter down and have an open and honest conversation. This poor kid shouldn't have to wonder if maybe, possibly her dad isn't really her dad.

Would you tell your teenager if their "dad" wasn't really their "dad"?


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Victoria Bowley

SO basically this writer on here, has nothing better to do then entertain tabloid fodder.  Great original news story.  Can you write an article one day that is not about the kardashians or about paternity of the kardashians, or kim's pregnancy, or Scott's work?  For someone that despises them so much you sure have a lot to say about them

Irela... Ireland69

That family seems to want lots of attention. sad they air out their business true or not!

nonmember avatar Kaylene

Most definitely & my daughter knows her real dad!

we2an... we2angels

From someone that had this happen, yeah truth needs to be told. And if any man is a real dad he won't care who the sperm donor was, my dad doesn't.


Why would you write this. All your concern for "a teen" seem very disingenuous.

Kathy Babienco

bull, just look at her legs. Shes Bruces

missusmc missusmc

Just today, you wrote another article about how a 6 year old girl was prostituted out for drugs and money by her mother.  Also today, another writer wrote an article on this site about a toddler who had a meth lab cooking under her bed as she slept.  A child with special needs is (as far as I know) still kidnapped and held in a bunker in Alabama.  I understand we all need levity in a dark world, but outrage over a tabloid story regarding the alleged paternity of a spoiled teenager who has everything she could ever want, a loving family, and a secure life?  Sorry, I just can't muster up any real feelings.

Mary Wysong

What she deserves more than the truth is to not have this kind of gossip posted for the world to see.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

good god, please learn some proper english before you start writing "news" articles!

jessi... jessicasmom1

WOW KRIS way to throw them under a bus .. .Kylie looks just like bruce I would highly doubt that is not dad

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