High School Makes Students 'Sign Out' Toilet Paper When They Have to Use the Restroom

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toilet paperThe boys' bathrooms at the Mahanoy Area High School in Pennsylvania have been destroyed too many times to count. So these days every teenage boy who wants to go to the bathroom at Mahanoy has to go to the main office and sign a roll of toilet paper out. Then they have to walk back to the bathroom, that roll of TP in their arms, for the entire world to see.

Any guesses what has parents upset here? Maybe, oh, I dunno, the fact that their kids' school is practically doing the job for the bullies, making their kids easy targets?

I feel bad for the folks at Mahanoy Area High School. I really do. They've got a tough situation here. Destruction can be costly to repair, and it's unfair to the poor janitors.

At my high school the problem wasn't toilet paper backing up the potties. Crafty pranksters would stuff milk cartons with food and allow it all to rot before pouring it down the heaters in the bathrooms. The entire school would stink. We all suffered. 

I reiterate: I get it. Schools have to do something to deal with kids who are hellbent on destruction -- be it in the bathrooms, the classrooms, the lunchroom .... Unfortunately these situations crop up, and more often than not, the schools go overboard, making all of their students' lives miserable rather than punishing the select few hooligans. 

A few years ago it was teen girls being tortured by having to reveal their tampons to Gestapo-like school security guards in order to take bags to the bathroom. Now it's kids being forced to reveal their intestinal imbalances to the entire school.

It's 2013. We know by now that it doesn't take much for kids to pick one another apart. And here a school is expecting teenage boys to walk the halls with something in their arms that practically screams, "I have to go take a number two!"

Let's just imagine the nicknames that will come out of that one. Poopstain. S--tstain. Skidmarks. S--thead.

Oh, kids are vicious, and a name like that haunts you for years. And it's exactly the sort of thing that happens when these sorts of punishments are put in place. It's why Mahanoy parents say their kids are going to the nurse and playing sick so they can go home and poop in peace rather than subject themselves to torture from their classmates.

Is it so hard for administrators to put themselves in kids' shoes? To step back to high school and remember what will trigger bullies?

Schools are filled with enough bullying victims. Administrators shouldn't be creating more.

Has your child's school made a rule that makes kids targets of bullies? What happened?


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Doomy234 Doomy234

I can see this working to prevent vandalism. When they check out the toilet paper, their name goes on a list, so if a bathroom does get vandalized they can look at the list at the suspected time and possibly find the culprit. Its not about the toilet paper doing the vandalism.

Personally, I dont see what this has to do with bullying. Everybody poops.

nonmember avatar Carly

Ah! Mahanoy! That's just a few minutes from where I live. Can't wait for my younger friend to start complaining when my old school district starts adopting the same policy. So dumb.

Mamab... MamabearC

Well if the boys don't want to be embarrassed by a natural bodily function (which they normally love to laugh/joke about), then the smart thing to do would have been to QUIT DESTROYING  the bathroom. At this age you know that tampering with/misusing/destroying property that is not yours is not only wrong but illegal. You wanna play, you gotta pay. It's called consequences. Deal with it.

AdryF AdryF

As a mom I wouldn't like it. However, I understand their reasoning. Why not make them sign a log when they go to the bathroom period?

Nycti... Nyctimene

Yet more bathroom bullies in the form of insane school administrators. Heard so many stories on here (and elsewhere) about insane bathroom policing in schools. *shakes head* 

PAmom... PAmommy32

I wouldn't want to walk down the hall as an adult carrying a roll of toilet paper to the bathroom; I can't imagine how these teenages feel.  It's also probably just a handful of boys that are causing the destruction and yet every boy has to either hold it or be embarrased whether they caused a problem or not.  Seems like there should be a better solution.

gridi... gridironsmom

Install video cameras to show who is going in and out of the bathroom entrance.

Rhodin Rhodin

I'd probably let my kids bring their own toilet paper, like those Charmin travel rolls that can easily be put into a pocket or backpack.

nonmember avatar Momoftwo

If they are to embarrassed then why can't they just use the three other bathrooms in the school for boys that have paper in it. Simple solutions. Sounds like someone made a mountain out if a mole hill.

Lynda Jasinsky

To make matters worse these poor boys have to go to an all female office to request the toilet paper. Requesting it from a male staff member could be awkward enough but a female staff member is down right humiliating for these boys.

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