Latest Teacher-Student Romance Shows Parents How Powerless We Are

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kathryn murray

At this point, it's no shock when we hear reports of a young, pretty educator who's fallen for a student. For whatever reason, these women find these teens irresistible -- criminal consequences be damned. The latest? A 29-year-old middle school teacher was allegedly planning to flee to Mexico with her 15-year-old lover.

Kathryn Murray just couldn't stay away from her pupil-turned-paramour despite a court order banning her from contact. In fact, her actions were shocking for someone facing a criminal trial for having sex with a minor.

Murray was found at her father's home hanging out with the teen. Authorities say they believe she was planning to leave the country with the child. That is just insane to me. Even after being caught and facing jail time, this woman could not and would not keep her distance. Why?

I just don't know what is wrong with these women. Why are they willing to lose so much for something that is clearly so wrong? What could possibly be the appeal to a grownup? I can understand why the horny teen is so gung-ho. Here is an experienced, 'hot babe' he and his friends have drooled over all year. Now she's willing to get it on with him any time they're able to secretly meet. How in the world do we protect them from this kind of predator when to teenage boys it seems like they are hitting the sexual jackpot, so to speak. Clearly, we can't always rely on the teacher to act rationally and morally. Obviously, most teachers wouldn't dare cross that line, but it does happen. Though I fear we as parents are powerless to stop the ones who do because our boys are more than willing engage in the torrid affair.

There was once a time when this was an anomaly. I remember the first time a story like this was big news. In the mid-'90s, sweet school teacher Mary Kay Letourneau (herself a mother) was caught having an affair with a middle school student. I was in college at the time and guy friends of mine would crack, 'Hey, what's so wrong with that' or 'That kid would be a legend in my old school.' Of course those comments were crass and certainly screamed double-standard. No one would be high-fiving had it been a male teacher with a ninth grade girl. But we have always viewed the sexuality of our boys differently.

Nevertheless, no mother wants a grown woman taking advantage of her son. From toddler age, we tell them not to let anyone touch their privates and never to go with strangers. Now, it seems as though we have to teach them about predatory teachers too. They need to know it's wrong even when it doesn't seem so wrong. That is especially hard with teenage boys who are ruled by their hormones.

See more on Murray's story here:

Have you discussed this issue with your teens?

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Kim Ruckman

Why? because age means nothing except in the Law. to clarify, the teacher is not mature

nonmember avatar wowzer

Another depraved,morally bankrupt white female school teacher romping w/ her students? man oh man morality isn't exactly a modern woman's strong point these days is it??

Angie... AngieHayes

Well.... I could think of worse things someone could do to someone.

zaksm... zaksmommy12

He is 15 years old, it isn't like he is 7. He is perfectly old enough to make his own choices. She didn't make him do a thing. I think it's insane how people don't think it's such a big deal for a 20 year old girl to be with a 50 year old man but this is just horrible. There are a lot worse things that go on in this world than a boy who fell in love with a teacher. You cannot help who you fall in love with.

Jennifer Kinghorn

Think of worse things? are you stupid sluts insane? What if it was your 15 year old child whisked away to mexico never to be seen again? Would you be ok with that? What is worse than a grown woman having sex with an underage boy? Or a grown man having sex with an underage girl? You people are the reason this country is a hellhole apparently. This is wrong on SO many levels. If that slutmonster ever came near my child I would string her up, believe it. Same with a pervert man and my daughter because guess what, its not ok for a grown man to be messing with girls either. Chemical castration.

piggy... piggy11721

People would be singing a different tune if it were a 15 year old girl with a male etcher. The double standard is disgusting. A molester is a molester. A 15 yer old does not have the capabilities of seeing the long term consequences of their actions. She is just as disgusting as any other child molester out there.

D.O.E. D.O.E.

and if it was a man, he would be called a disgusting pedophile.

these women are also pedophiles.  but somehow this has become *almost* social acceptable. 

these women do not recieve the same disgusted reactions and treatment from the public that a male teacher would, why is that? a kid is a kid and sex is sex, is it not?

boshs... boshs1andonly

granted a 15 year old has the ability to make his own decisions, and maybe in his mind, he's a willing participant. But there is a huge difference between a 20 something and 50 something meeting in a bar and deciding to date, and a teacher looking at her students and thinking i need a boyfriend, one of these students should work. as a teacher, even if she fell in love with him, she had the responsibility to suck it up and get over it. she can't control her feelings but she can choose not to act on them. he may be a hormonal teenager, but she isn't. there's no excuse. 

jshal... jshalas89

Totally agree with zaksmom. The 15 yr old knew EXACTLY what he was doing. And as much as everyone wants to blame the adult for knowing better well so does he! Mary K is still with her child lover so obviously they were meant to be together. It is what it is and we can't do anything about it.

LucyH... LucyHourglass

i think its disgusting ow in some of these comments moms think this is ok. a pedophile is a PEDOPHILE no matter the gender! she is sick!

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