Superhero Mom Makes Autistic Son's Dream of Becoming a Cop Come True

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autism kid cop Blaize RichardsHere's a story to make you grin. The mother of an 18-year-old with mental disabilities knew her son's dream of becoming a police officer was never going to be possible. So Angie Richard decided to give son Blaize, who also has autism, the next best thing.

So how'd she this mom from Louisiana do? Well, a photo going viral on Facebook shows the new "backup" officer for Officer Mike Hill of the Jennings Police Department. This mom did it! She made her kid's dreams come true!

According to Richard, she started by buying Blaize a uniform and asking the Jennings PD to simply send a car over to let him get a look and feel of a real police cruiser. From there a dispatcher with the department got involved, and things have really rolled along.

This honorary cop got a tour of the police department, a certificate from the cops, and he's got a relationship with Hill, who stops by the Richard house frequently to check in with his new buddy.

I don't know who to clap louder for -- the cops who went out of their way to make a kid's day or the mom who made it all happen.

It's not easy being a mother, and that can go double for a mom of a kid with special needs. You know you have to advocate for your child, but it's hard to draw the line between asking for what they need and asking for what they want. You don't want to always be asking for help.

And yet, Angie Richard proved the old adage about the squeaky wheel getting the grease. She thought this would make her son's day, so she ASKED. And yup, it worked. Heck, more than worked. Just look at that kid's gorgeous grin!

Have you ever done something like Angie Richard did to make your kid's day?


Image via Facebook

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rhps2000 rhps2000

This is wonderful! I'm glad to read such happy news esp. for this mom, her son and the PD. It gets too distressing reading about all the bad news and it's nice to see that there are good people out there who care.

nonmember avatar Lily

This is so sweet, i love it! Lets all hope we can hear more stories like this more often. Thanks for posting! You made my day!

nonmember avatar aff

There are so many unsung heroes. Thanks for recognizing these. Please write more inspirational stories. If perception is reality, maybe focusing on the good things that people do will not only lift our spirits but also be a model for others to do good things for others.

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

Thank you for posting this beautiful picture and story, it really made my morning!

Angi Watson Dudas

I love this story and would like to see more on the site.

nonmember avatar Mouse

This is a lovely story -- however, autism is not a mental disability, it is a neurological and developmental problem. Some autistics have mental disabilities as a result, but autism has an effect on the entire body and causes physical as well as mental variances.

lissa... lissalynn83

What a wonderful story! What a great thing for the cops (and obviously his mom!) to do for him since he will never get to have his 'dream job'. And I think that the author was trying to state that the teenager has mental disabilities AND autism, not that autism itself is a 'mental disablity', but I could be wrong. 

nonmember avatar barbara

My grandson loved carrying his little backpack with his archeological tools in case we ever found a fossil on one of our hikes. I would go to the science store and buy special rocks and other things to stash along our route. What a thrill as I guided him along. Still have his bag of treasures some ten years later.

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