Judge Orders '50 Shades of Grey' Be Taken Off Bookshelves & Treats Moms Like They're Stupid

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Fifty Shades of Grey trilogyEver since Fifty Shades of Grey arrived to rescue moms everywhere from vanilla sex, there's been a raging debate over whether moms should let their kids read the books. Not sure how you feel? Well, a judge doesn't really care what you think! Judge Raphael Queiroz Campos does not want kids reading the naughty novels, and he's ordered every copy of the novel off bookstore shelves!

So much for letting parents be parents, huh?

The Brazilian judge was apparently at a bookstore recently when he caught some young whippersnappers paging through E.L. James' books. Horrified, Campos went straight to the bench to issue an edict that now has the best selling books locked up so no one under age 18 can get a hold of them when they hit the store.

As a mom, I'm more than a little offended. This judge is treating parents like we're toddlers, unable to decide what their kids are reading.

Shouldn't it be my right to decide when and if my kid is ready to meet the likes of Christian Grey and his ben-wa balls? She's my kid!

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Right now, she's 7. It's a firm no way in hell are you learning about nipple clamps! But as she gets older, who knows? If the Fifty Shades phenomenon is still going strong and she expresses an interest, it's better that I'm here for her to ask questions, right? Rather than having to sneak around with it? I'd probably be pretty on board, provided we can have an open and honest heart-to-heart.

Either way, I'm the mom; I decide. I don't need no stinkin' judge telling me what my kid can and can't read before she's 18.

Do you think Fifty Shades of Grey and books like it should be locked away so kids can't buy them?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

i had to read twice before i laughed at the snark. almost too subtle of you jeanne. ;) personally, i don't have a problem with the books being on bookshelves. honestly, if he was so offended by the kids he saw reading it, why not have a discussion with THEIR parents instead of making a ruling effecting everyone? granted it's not the US, but since i don't know much about brazilian law or bookstores, i'll just say i think it's a stupid law in general.

nonmember avatar sarah

i dont see anything wrong with a judge ordering that no one under 18 can buy them. its the same as porn and from what i have heard about the books they are mental porn.

kiriis kiriis

What a loser. Another power drunk jerk with too much time on his hands.

Flori... Floridamom96

This happened in Brazil, not here. Way o mislead with the headline.

Alexandria Robey

I think the judge is stupid! I would let me kids read the books, they may have questions but I would rather them hear the answers from me, heck I let my 7 year old watch the movie "TED", my kids are 7,11,13 and I teach them everything they need to know from street smart to the facts! HELLO PEOPLE THEY WILL LEARN IT EVENTUALLY, IT ALWAYS SOUNDS BETTER FROM THE PARENT!!!!!

Mindy Evans

I think there should be an age limit to purchase the book. I know in some stores the books are shrink wrapped so the kiddos can't get in them. I think a parent should have the right to say what their kids can and can't read. With that being said, if a parent want's their child to read such books, they can buy it for them.

nonmember avatar Someone

I don't believe the judge issued the books be pulled from shelves to protect the kids with responsible parents; I believe he pulled them for the kids who have parents who don't care enough to BE parents. It's no different than banning porn, cigarettes, or booze until a certain age. When a select few parents fail, someone has to step up and set boundaries for the children.

Kristy Quackenbush-Walker

why are people offended by 50 shades of grey? you don't see them complaining about all the porn that's out there on video do you? so it is a book so what big deal it is 2013 not the stone age anymore and I for one will let my child read it if he wants to I don't understand why this judge is so hell bent on taking it off the shelves, if a kid wants to read it they will find a way to get it no matter what it takes. so grow up already.... its only a book. if you are going to take the books off the shelves then you better take all the porn out of the video stores.

Jennifer Phillips

There is nothing wrong with these books, I have read them and like them, It is a love story and people need to grow up, just because you don't like it does not mean I should be looked at like a wh--e for reading it. My sex life is none of your business and whether or not I would let my children read it is my business.

Lisa Woods

I believe that children shouldn't read it before they are 18, but that's MY oppinion. I agree with the moms that are annoyed at the judge for taking that right out of the hands of the parent, which ultimately, is where it belongs. Every parent has that right. NOT a judge, to dictate who, or who should not read that book, and it's up to parents, NOT the judge to say what should be read by someone elses child.

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