Malia & Sasha Obama’s Then & Now Inauguration Pics: They Grow Up So Fast


sasha obama and malia obamaAll I could think during the Inauguration ceremony yesterday was yes, yes, math teachers, mmm hmm mmm hmm future of America, and oh my god -- THEY GROW UP SO FAST. Seated behind President Obama were his daughters Malia Obama, 14, and Sasha Obama, 11. In their J.Crew and Kate Spade coats, the girls looked like polished and poised young ladies.

But, remember: it was just four years ago when they looked like polished and poised little girls. Check it out:

sasha obama and malia obama

Here in this pic from the 2009 inauguration, Malia's 10 and Sasha's 7 -- they weren't yet pre-teens and were probably still interested in things like art projects and Miley Cyrus concerts.

Now, at 14 and 11, the "b" word has crossed their minds (boys), and they're old enough now to assert some individualism and independence. They're at somewhat awkward ages (14 especially) and growing up in the public eye now is likely less exciting than it was when they were too young to be self-conscious.

There are zits and braces and the inevitable oh my god, mom, no, I'm not wearing that, you can't make me arguments. It's not easy being a teen or a tween when the whole family is watching, let alone the whole nation.

When President Obama leaves the office, Malia and Sasha will be 18 and 15. For those who aren't exactly thrilled with the way things are going at the White House, that day can't come soon enough, but here's a tip for those eager for 2016 -- if you count the years using the First Daughters' growth as a metric, four years will go by like that.

Does your teen seem to grow up so fast?


Photos via Alex Wong/Getty; Chip Somdevilla/Getty

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Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

It really is so crazy to see the change four years bring... They are so grown up now.

mompam mompam

Aawww. You are so right. They are beautiful girls. I remember him talking about putting a swing set in the back yard of the white house. They have outgrown that now.

cmjaz cmjaz

Beautiful girls

nonmember avatar Clare

I think they're both darling little girls. Four years ago they looked wonderful and more importantly, age appropriate. Yesterday, again, I thought they looked wonderful. I just thought the younger one looked a little too "mature." Kate Spade for an 11-year-old? Something about that just rubbed me the wrong way.

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