Missing Teen Bullied in Brutal Fight Video Finally Found Safe (VIDEO)

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baileigh karam missingWhen Baileigh Karam, a 14-year-old from Carlsbad, CA, went missing on January 11 after a video of her fight with a bullying classmate went viral on Facebook, her mother was understandably beside herself. The video showed Karam being punched repeatedly by her female peer, who was allegedly jealous over Karam's involvement with her ex-boyfriend. In the clip -- recorded on a cell phone -- classmates for both girls circled them and cheered them on.

It's a story that despite being a parent's worst nightmare has become all too common in a world where bullying and social media can go hand-in-hand in a dangerous way. Thank goodness, police reported today that Karam has been found alive and well.

Karam told officials that she went to stay with her friends after being reported missing on January 11. Her mother, Karen, had told her school and authorities that she feared her daughter's disappearance had stemmed from the bullying and she worried that Baileigh may have been reading her classmates' comments from the online video.

Fights are always going to break out amongst teens, and bullying is a multi-layered issue. But the teens who not only took this video but posted it to Facebook and then continued a vicious bullying cycle that causes a girl to devastate her parents by going into hiding for a week? They must be held accountable for what happened here.

Because in the end, it doesn't seem to me that Baileigh Karam's disappearance should be chalked up as one family's problem. Something like this is everyone's problem. Something that must be dealt with in a sensitive but firm way by educators and parents together. Because teens must learn that bullying and violence like this, that have the potential to turn not just a family's life, but an entire school and town upside down will simply not be tolerated.

Here's more on Baileigh's disappearance ...


What do you make of this missing teen's case? How do you feel the community should react?


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Cassandra Huber

There needs to be severe punishments for bullying. Kids who bully need to be expelled, and if the bullying can have criminal charges, throw the book at these brats. They will never learn how to act like cicilized humans, so show them their lifetime home early. Why do bullies deserve to live happy, free lives when their victims are going to suffer for the rest of their lives and that is IF they do not committ suicide.

handy... handy0318

It seems as if there is a bit more to this story than is being reported.  At 0:13, I see Baileigh clearly running up to the girl in the gray shirt and giving her quite the shove before being pummeled. Perhaps instead of bullying this is just a fight that went viral. That's the problem with these viral video's... they rarely, if ever, tell the whole story. It will have to be up to the school to sort it out.  However, I'm very glad that Baileigh  has been found safe.

nonmember avatar Justin

Bullying was never a problem until the 2000's. It has always been just social culture and kids being kids. Now, the feel good liberals and homosexuals have decided its such a big issue and it gets reported and demonized. Kids and parents need to grow a backbone and not let words hurt them.

mande... manderspanders

@Justin: You're an idiot... Bullying has ALWAYS been a problem.  The difference now is that society coddles victims, and tries to make everyone a victim.

nonmember avatar Theresa

Justin, you are a Nazi. Bullying wasn't a problem until people started complaining about it. Typical response from those who share your social views. I'm sure you think racism wasn't a problem until minorities started complaining. Sexism wasn't an issue until women started complaining. Damn us liberals wanting people to accept people for who they are. Shame those you lesser evolved folks to stop thinking it's okay to beat others down because they aren't like you. Hell will freeze over before history looks at people like you with kind eyes. You're one of the bigots who will serve as examples in textbooks of a shameful past. Your views obsolete. If you don't like that society is evolving and becoming more accepting, do yourself and the world a favor and leave the planet.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Really Justin? I was bullied in the early 90's and I'm pretty sure it didn't start then. Bullying has always been a problem. It's just with social media, it's now more public.

nonmember avatar As well

Wow. Looks like there are a few more bullies among us. Surely we can act more mature than a bunch of 14 year old girls.

nonmember avatar Gail Rice

Looks like bullying is alive and well among the grown ups. Glad she was found safe.

cherylam cherylam

@ Justin... I was a bullying victim in the '70's... and to this day do not talk to or have anything to do with my high school graduating class. It wasn't the boys, it was the girls, and they can be so much more cruel. I learned how it felt to be so bullied you wanted to die, and thus am not bullying YOU.... I feel sorry for someone so shortsighted.

Midni... Midnite00

that was assault and you have video prove.... file charges Momma... smh. Oh Justin I hope you never have a kid that is being bullied and after YOU go to the school NOTHING is done about it... After your child is abused like that..... 

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