Girl Who Agreed to Sex for One Million 'Likes' on Facebook Is Why We Should 'Friend' Our Kids

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facebook likesIf a picture is worth a thousand words ... oh, forget it. As the mother of an almost-teenaged daughter, I don't even have the heart to come up with some clever intro for this one: A boy in Norway posted this picture on Facebook when his high school crush said she would have sex with him IF he got one million "likes." As you can tell from the look on her face, "Cathrine" is less than thrilled about the prospect, and I can only assume she agreed to this deal out of complete and utter exasperation Anything to get you to shut up and leave me alone!!!

Little did poor Cathrine know her admirer's post would go viral. Whoops.

Unfortunately for this young lady, it didn't take very long at all for those "likes" to add up. And I'm perplexed. Not about why over one million internet users apparently care whether or not this kid gets laid (though that is a valid question). No, the internet users I'm wondering about are these kids' parents. How could a stunt like this get the attention of hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of strangers but go seemingly unnoticed by Cathrine's mom and dad?! (Not to mention the randy lad with the yellow sign's family.) Have they not discovered "the Facebook" yet? Are they blind?!?!

Honestly, the whole thing seems kind of harmless and sweet and funny at first ... until the reality of the situation sets in and words like exploitation and misogyny start popping into your head ... and you start imagining your daughter sitting in Cathrine's place, rolling her eyes in her grey hoodie wondering if this guy is ever gonna figure out she just doesn't like him like that.

Will they go through with "it," now that the requisite number of "likes" have been acquired? As the mother of an almost-teenaged daughter, I really don't even want to know.

What would you do if you saw your daughter in a photo like this on Facebook?


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Carme... Carmen8706

Ground her for life. Have a nice little chat with the boy and his parents. Try to keep from killing them both.

Nycti... Nyctimene

Personally I would probably have a good laugh about it but then I would sit down and have a serious chat and ask her straight up "Do you really want to have sex with this person? It's ok if you don't but if you don't I think you need to let them know that." and probably also have a little chat about 'oversharing' especially online where it stays forever

But I'm trying to be realistic about sex and accept that my child will very likely have sex as a teenager and chances are that it's going to be for an equally stupid reason one way or the other. As long as they're sure they want to do it and protected, I think that's the most I can ask and hope for. :)

Valda... ValdaThomas

Well, at least one million 'likes' is worth more than a Klondike bar! lol

NoR_C... NoR_CaL_MoMmY

It was probably a joke between two bored friends to see if they could actually get that many "likes". Seems like lots of these type of things are going around. I've seen quite a few kids holding signs saying with enough likes they could get a puppy.

kelti... kelticmom

Honestly, this seems like a joke between friends. The original article says it happened in Norway, doesn't give the ages of the kids (they look like college kids to me) and everything is "allegedly"and "according to a source".

deebo... deebossladi09

I would make them delete the post and make another sign stating how stupid it was and they were kidding.

sassy... sassykat122

Since they were older i would probably roll my eyes but when my children are under 18 to the best of my abilities i will know their friends and at least meet their friends parents.

Madca... Madcapfeline

WTF happened to peoples' senses of humor. Unbunch your granny panties ladies, and learn to recognize a joke when you see one. It's just kids having a laugh, and it doesn't matter that you didn't find it funny.

Dayija Dayija

LOL Klondike Bar!

there... theresaphilly

If she is under 18 I would be pissed and hopefully talk her out of it, but if she is 18 and older, I would try to talk her out of it, but ultimately either way its her body and her choice.

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