Lance Armstrong's Confession Doesn't Make Him a Role Model But It Makes Him Human

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oprah lance armstrongRight about now, most parents are probably crossing Lance Armstrong's name off the list of Good Role Models for the Kids. After all, he lied (and lied and lied and lied). He used banned substances. He did a whole bunch of stuff wrong. So that means we switch him over to the Bad Influence list, right?

Well, maybe not. He's finally telling the truth: He made big mistakes, and he made them all by himself. Nobody forced him. As he told Oprah in tonight's long-awaited exclusive interview, "All the fault lies on me." That's not an easy thing to admit. Still, does he deserve any credit for 'fessing up?

I think so. But "honesty is the best policy" isn't the main lesson I want my kids to learn from Armstrong's story. I would rather have my kids look at the disgraced athlete as an example of why we, as a society, shouldn't be making professional athletes (not to mention actors or musicians or models or politicians) "role models" in the first place. People are people, no matter how rich, successful or talented they might be -- people are not superheroes. Building any human being up to such great heights is completely unfair to everyone involved: They will fail and we will be disappointed.

I want my kids to believe in themselves, in their own limitless potential. But I also want them to accept themselves as human. Flawed. Real. To pretend otherwise is the real mistake.

What will you tell your kids about Lance Armstrong's confession?


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cleo_... cleo_is_mine

I was always a big LArmstrong fan. Defended him. Gave him the benefit of the doubt (as did so many others). I almost wish he had not come clean so I wouldn't feel this stupid. Now he lost everyones respect and the worst thing is he's only admiting on record, to get a chance to (try) lift his lifetime ban from triathlon! What a disgrace, really.

Reepi... Reepicheep.CSL

Sorry but he is confessing only after it became glaringly obvious that he drugged himself, cheated and stole medals and glory from people who earned it honestly.

He is a jerk and I think he should have to not only give back the medals, he should have to hand them publicly to the people who came in second behind him.

I also think he should have to give back any prize money or sponsorship money. He defrauded so many people with his lies.

That is basically what makes up a bad person.

jkasa... jkasaback

You are kidding, right? This guy ruined the lives of fellow teammates, and the competative spirit of both the olympic games and professional cycling. perhaps, you could do a little more research into his background before giving him a pass. he will most likely end up in jail, unless his pals in high places, and people like you come to his aid once again. sure, he is human and he made mistakes, but to deceive and lie and ruin the lives of former friends and his profession itself is unconscionable. Livestrong does good work, in spite of, but not because of Armstrong.

jessi... jessicasmom1

sure he is human but lying and cheating is not that way to get those medals and in all rights if he did those things that he is now saying as they came out of the limelight ...... hmmmm

jalaz77 jalaz77

I did the same thing Cleo. I thought can someone really be that good without doping?? I said yes, boy was I wrong!

This is what floors me, WHY WHY are doping allegations brought forward after all these years?? This happens all the time, Olympics, are they not tested monthly? Or soon before a race or a game? Think of all those medals he received when someone else could of had that legally. All the money he has because of a freaking lie. What a joke. I won't tell my kids because they are young and don't understand. They don't know who he is, they will one day. Honestly though I hope my kids don't look up to athletics or celebrities. They are usually a lie and a huge disappointment.

nonmember avatar Lauren

Um....Is he the first athlete to do this? Who fricking cares.

Steph... Stephanie0309

Lance Armstrong is a fraudulent douchebag, and I hope he is never able to recover from this fall from grace. If he had hurt just himself, then maybe.......but he hurt a lot of people. He lied and lied and lied, and many people (including me) defended him, only to feel completely stupid and sh*t upon.

nonmember avatar andie

Lying and cheating is obviously wrong, but to me that's not the unforgivable part. What's unforgivable is that he destroyed the lives and reputations of so many good people who were telling the truth. He decimated bank accounts and destroyed the livelihood of so many that once considered Lance a good friend, and he has yet to admit it and apologize for it. Human? Not even close.

nonmember avatar Chris

If he would have displayed an ounce of contrition it would have been different. He profited heavily from being a cheater and then a liar. He ruined many people's reputations and lives to protect his cheating and lying. He sued people for libel and slander and won when they were actually correct. Despicable!!!!!!

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