'Wedgie Spree' Prankster Is a Pain in the Behind But He Shouldn't Go to Jail

charles rossAn obnoxious 18-year-old boy playing obnoxious pranks on unsuspecting people might not sound like news -- after all, isn't that what all 18-year-old boys do (and isn't that what makes them obnoxious)? But back in the old days, once an obnoxious prank was played it was pretty much played out, relegated to the realm of locker room lore or local legend. Back in the old days, we didn't have the interwebs or TV shows like Jackass and Ridiculousness. We didn't have ways to grant practical jokes the immortality of fame or the jokesters behind them a whole lotta money. Mix the naughty nature of an average teeenaged boy with the incentive of overnight success and you get ... well, you get Charles Ross, an 18-year-old YouTube prankster recently arrested for running up to complete strangers and giving them wedgies.


Ross insists the "wedgie spree" (filmed by a buddy) was all in good fun. And of course it was, because what else would it be? Obnoxious, yes, but not criminal. Still, Ross did take things a step too far with his underhanded underwear joke. See, none of his previous stunts, such as doing handstands over people and trying out ridiculous pick-up lines, involved physically touching other human beings and making them say "Ouch!" (Or some variation thereof.) That's why the wedgie spree got Ross arrested for battery. Whoops. After being detained overnight, Ross was released on $750 bail -- his court date is set for February 14. And honestly, I don't think he deserves to get in super-deep trouble over something someone like Johnny Knoxville can turn into a super-popular TV/film series. Hopefully he's learned where the line is and not to cross it ... or to wait until he's already rich and famous to try.

Do you think this YouTube prankster should go to jail for giving people wedgies?


Image via Manatee County Sheriff's Office


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