T-Shirts for Teens With Inappropriate Slogans & Images Are, Well, Inappropriate

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mustache t-shirtEither I have a dirty mind or I'm old and out of touch with the latest tween trends (okay, probably both), but when I took my 11-year-old daughter and her friend to the mall and watched them head for a rack of "I (Heart) Boys With (Mustache Graphic)" T-shirts, I couldn't help but feel slightly alarmed. Wait a minute, why do they heart boys with mustaches?! It can't possibly be for the reason I'm thinking, can it? And if it is, why are they selling these shirts to young girls in the first place?!

I had to be missing something, I decided. Maybe mustaches had some new, non-sexual implication. So when my daughter and her friend went to try on "The Future Mrs. Styles" tees, I resisted the temptation to give them a pop culture history lesson comparing and contrasting One Direction/New Kids on the Block ("In my day, we wore 'The Future Mrs. Knight' shirts") and texted a friend for his opinion: If you saw a girl wearing a shirt that said "I Heart Boys With Mustaches," what would you think?

In reply, he sent me a YouTube video of the infamous "Who wants a mustache ride?" scene from Super Troopers.

That's what I thought, I texted back.

I called my boyfriend and asked him the same question.

"Who wants a mustache ride?" was his immediate response. (I swear, I have yet to meet a man who doesn't love that movie.)

Luckily the girls emerged from the dressing room empty-handed, so I was spared any immediate decisions/explanations regarding potentially inappropriate clothing. But as we went from store to store, I started noticing mustaches everywhere: On iPhone cases and socks. Little mustache-shaped earrings. What was going on here? Clearly I was late to some kind of party.

At home, I did a little research (yes, I had to Google "mustache trend," which is pathetic). Turns out the mustache has indeed become some sort of hipster/retro/ironic trendy thing. Who knew? (Everybody except me.) So -- phew! -- my kid and all the other tween girls at the mall weren't Super Troopers fans after all, so to speak.

Still, I don't think I could actually allow my girl to wear one of those shirts in public. Not because of what she's thinking about, but because of what every man will instantly think about when he looks at her: "Who wants a mustache ride?" And what the hell is wrong with the people making inappropriate T-shirts like these for teens knowing damn well what they mean even if the kids wearing them don't have a clue?

Would you let your daughter wear an "I Heart Boys With Mustaches" T-shirt?


Image via gojane.com

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Stink... Stinkydog

I am a stick in the mud, I know, but I would never. The reason I wouldn't let my kid wear one of those is not because of Super Trooper (I've actually never heard of that movie and had no idea what you were talking about), it's b/c boys don't have mustaches. Men do. Ick.  Besides the fact that the whole mustache-y thing needs to die already. It's completely stupid.

dirti... dirtiekittie

i would, i think the tshirt is cute. not everything is dirty and perverted, even though it seems the world is trying to make it that way. actually, i saw a shirt i wanted to get my daughter for christmas (but they didn't have her size, boo!) that said "I <photo of mustache> a question". i thought it was hilarious and punny, and didn't give two thoughts to "mustache rides". i dunno, maybe some people DON'T assume everything is sexual. i know it's rare, but possible. 


Reepi... Reepicheep.CSL

Have you been living in a bubble? There has been a moustache craze going on, from sun glasses with moustaches hanging down to fake stick on staches to shirts with staches on them. It isn't sexual at all.

tbruc... tbrucemom

I can tell you from personal experience that the girls that are buying that stuff don't get the connection that we as "grown ups" do.  My daughter's friend loves mustache stuff and when she was 16 I asked her about the possible connection and she didn't understand it. I know she was being honest with me because I've had conversations with both her and my daughter about sex so it's not like they're uncomfortable or would lie. I think it's just a fad like anything else. I'm not sure about an 11 year old wearing it but not because of any sexual implication, but just because an 11 year old girl should like 11 year old boys and they don't have mustaches!

curly... curlygirl31

I saw a car driving down the road wearing a mustache too. It was a car decal for the hood

corri... corrinacs

LOL.  yeah, I get what you are saying.  I agree, they just don't understand the referencfe.  But guys your age (you know, the ones you don't want going after your girls) are going to understand that reference.

Kind of reminds me of the "Teabaggers".......they were well out of the times, and didn't understand or know the reference of that AT ALL!  So, whenever I think of the "teabaggers" I immediately think of what my friends used to do while playing Halo and other first person shooters LOL

Karma... KarmaGrant

If my 17 year old wanted to wear it, it'd be up to her. I know of the fad and per usual I think it's dumb. I've never been into fads, not even when I was a teen. If I had a younger child that wanted to wear it, knowing how harmless the fad is and that it's not sexual in anyway, I'd let them too.

I get not wanting to sexualize our kids and I never let my daughter wear half the stuff we see on girls today, but I'm also not going to overreact and go nuts over everything.

nonmember avatar HS

Don't feel bad I just found out aby the mustache thing at Tgiving. It's a teen thing but I find it kinda creepy. I'd be interested to see how the teens interpret the mustache and if they've created some sort of perverted meaning of it.

kissa... kissandtell

Shirts with mustaches are a fad now because of Movember and they came out around that time and have stuck around. It started as a way to support men's health and there's nothing sexual about it. I am a teen myself so I thought I would inform the older ladies here.

Cupca... CupcakeLuv215

Im 27 years old..and I had to google it....Nooo Idea what it was.  to be honest, i dont even like mustaches I think they are unattractive. Period. lol


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