Plan to Put Wi-Fi on School Buses Is Like Asking Kids to Visit X-Rated Sites

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school busAt first glance, it reads like a brilliant idea. Some schools are adding Wi-Fi capabilities to their school buses so kids can do their work on the go. Who doesn't want their kid doing something useful with their time, right?

Well, that all depends on what you consider useful. Is looking at porn useful?

Oooh, giant leap! How'd I get there?


School buses are like the wild west. You've got -- at best, in districts with some extra cash -- a driver in the front and a monitor for all those kids. But the very measures that have made school buses safer in crashes -- those high seats -- have made it hard to really monitor what exactly kids are doing in those seats. Especially savvy teenagers who know enough to hide their misdeeds from the monitor.

So just picture it: you give the average teenager unfettered access to the Internet and tell them to do work. How many do you think will actually do said work? For the entire bus ride? Or will they be surfing elsewhere?

Have you met a teenager? Knowing kids, it's almost a guarantee that they'll go off script.

In some districts, kids get district-purchased gadgets to access the Internet, gadgets we'd hope have parental controls. But what about the kids accessing the Internet with their own gadgetry? 

When we begin allowing Internet access on school buses, we open the doors for kids to bring in their own laptops, tablets, and more. Some parents may be wise and load said gadgets with safety precautions, but what of the parents who don't? Just one kid with the freedom to surf anywhere they want can share something seriously disturbing with their seatmate, and the lack of monitoring on school buses makes it unlikely that the adults would be any wiser.

I'm all for coming up with options to make the bus rides run more smoothly and reduce headaches for the drivers. But if my kid's school starts talking Wi-Fi on the bus, I have three words for them: "no, thank you."

Do you think adding Wi-Fi to school buses is a smart idea or a disaster waiting to happen?


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Pinkmani Pinkmani

I don't think it it's a big deal. Plenty of high schools in my area have Wi-Fi but certain websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are blocked. I think it's a good idea because that will keep most kids quite allowing the bus driver to focus on driving our kids safely. 

nonmember avatar Cass

I think it's a bad idea for a couple of reasons. For one, I've never been able to any work on a schoolbus- I doubt others could be too productive. Even if they could, what work to they need to complete with wifi? Short of research for a paper, everything I can think of can be completed in Word or Excel. It's a waste of district funds.

kelli... kelli0585

I'm sure the buses would use the same amount of firewalls and restrictions that the school district uses on their wi-fi.  Add to that the restrictions that parents are able to put on the actual devices, themselves.

I remember being on the school bus from 3:30 to 5:30pm.  That's a flight from Texas to Colorado, everyday.  I would have appreciated that technology!


nonmember avatar Weirdiskate

First, it's very concerning you won't straight to porn, do you have teenage children? Because you are so far off on your wild assumptions and secondly, they would most likely restrict their wi-fi to make sure they wouldn't be able to go to those sights, just like at school. You need to go meet with some teens maybe because this article is ridiculous

Doomy234 Doomy234

I think it is quite a leap. I am sure that there will be the occasional student who decides to be stupid and look up porn. But I really wouldnt worry about it. If my child decides to do that, they will face the consequences. As a parent I can only hope I am putting my kid on the right path, but their actions will be their responsibility. I cant expect to foresee every event. If the kids really want to look up porn they'll do it, whether at school, at home, or using the Wifi at the local McDonalds.

Also there are already rules for viewing porn on public school property (which includes buses). If caught, they will likely receive punishment.

kelli... kelli0585

Cass, a lot of homework is done online.  For example, many classes now have assignments such as online quizzes and required participation in discussion boards.  Those types of things are totally doable on a bus, provided that the student is diligent enough. 

It's more than just writing a research paper on Word.   

Maybe you couldn't work on a school bus, but most of my assignments were completed on my 1.5-2 hour commute.

kjjakjja kjjakjja

What makes you think the bus internet access will have "unfettered access"? They'll restrict it. Besides, if you allow your children to visit playmates, there's more of a chance that their homes might have unfettered access. What then? Does your local public library have unrestricted Internet?

kendyd kendyd

Seems like a waste of money to me. They should use the money they would spend on that to do something the school really needs.

nonmember avatar Reba

Dont know about your school, but our budget is small, we have trouble getting the suppiles that ate needed. Teachers are not getting paid what they are worth, and yet, we ate talking about wifi on School buses! I did just fine without it, my 4 kids are fine without it. Are they going to add computers too or are we going to have to buy those? What is going to stop other students from fighting over who computer/phone/paf that is. Who is going to stop the fight when

Vegeta Vegeta

This article made me laugh at how pathetic the author is at figuring out teenagers. They all have smartphones anyway and usually just spam Facebook and twitter. Porn is for at home duh.

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