Kendall & Kylie Jenner's Christmas Gifts Were Totally Inappropriate

louboutinsSanta was very kind to Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner this year. The girls shared photos of their favorite Christmas gifts on Instagram and the total cost of their presents rivaled that of a small country. From spiky Christian Louboutin shoes (worth about $1,200) to Balenciaga boots (worth more than your car) and the "it" bag of 2012, a black Celine luggage tote (worth more than your life), Kendall and Kylie received some extremely expensive items this Christmas. All that was missing was a tricked out Range Rover. Oh, wait. Kendall got that for her birthday. Never mind.

I'm sure it's "just the world they live in" where multi-thousand dollar designer clothes and cars are given the way you and I might hand a teenager a gift card to Sephora, but still, it seems a little, how you say, over the top, to me.

What does a 15-year-old need with an it bag? What does a 17-year-old need with Range? I guess the point is that they, or anyone of any age, doesn't need those things whatsoever, but it's because they can, that they do.

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I know Kendall and Kylie work -- they have modelling jobs and some sort of clothing line and they probably get thrown some money for selling their soul to the E! network on Keeping Up -- so it's not like they're sitting around twiddling their thumbs watching Judge Judy.

But I think in their teen years, while they're still figuring out who they are, it's important to help them realize that sources of happiness come in other shapes than designer heels and bags. It's important to manage their expectations about their impending adulthood, i.e., money doesn't grow on trees and the sad fact taht Mom and Dad won't always pay for things.

There have been plenty of celebs who've been multimillionaires that have gone broke. If you come to expect the extravagant, as Kendall and Kylie might, it's harder to turn it down, even if you don't have the cash. Just ask M.C. Hammer.

Just something to keep in mind, I guess.

Do you think it's a bad idea to give teens hugely expensive gifts?


Photo via kendalljenner/Instagram

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atmar... atmartin06

Eh, it just makes me roll my eyes really.  Spoiled little brats who have been handed everything on a silver platter will be the first ones eaten in the zombie apocalypse.  Those of us who have actually had to fend for ourselves and struggled just to provide basic human needs will survive much longer. 


According to you no one should have those things at any age, so it really doesn't matter, and Range Rovers are to the 2000s what BMWs were in the 80s. Big woop, it just gives you something to gripe about. It didn't come out of your pocket and I highly doubt all of your possessions are"need".

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

If their sister and mothers can afford to give it to them why not? Hell if I could give my son half the stuff I see in Neiman Marcus' baby section I would and not bat an eyelash! The girls both have jobs and work really hard doing their own projects. Why not spoil them a little bit a christmas?

hello... hellokd87

I can honestly say that if my mother could have afforded it, she would have given me these same things!! And vice versa. I see no problem in giving our families "the best" if its within our means. I understand the point the blogger's trying to make with making kids realize that we need to earn our things (which I think is the problem with this next generation having a feel of self-entitlement), but if they're already working for it and they see their older half-sisters working for the same things then they see the example set forth before them. They're not just going to to get handed these things for no reason. As the blogger stated, Kendall got her Rover for her birthday. Not just for Boxing Day or Flag Day. As a gift on a major milestone.

Aunt_... Aunt_ning

The only people who seem to complain about what the girls got for Christmas, are those that are Jealous.

nonmember avatar Gretta

Meh all teenagers like brand names. These are just the brands they can afford.

nonmember avatar Gill

I have to say, 'spoiled brats' is a massive over reaction! I think that the whole family works hard for what they get, they all have careers and work hard for what they get! Lay off their backs!

Ashle... AshleyB1984

Who are you to say those are innapropriate? Innapropriate would be drugs/strippers as a gift from their parents.

Their income brackets and their families are probably way higher than yours and those gift may very well not even make a dent in their monthly budget. It's all relative. I got some shoes for Christmas too - they weren't as expensive but I also don't have to walk the red carpet. 

Stop beign so jealous - it doesn't look good on anyone.

nonmember avatar Bibluvr69

Buddha is real.

sway976 sway976

wow- everyone is being a bit harsh on the writer. I agree that no matter your income, some things are a little over the top.

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