Mom Arrested for Threatening Middle School Bullies With a Gun

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monica avilaMiddle school bullies are reality parents of pre- and young teens are painfully aware of. So, to hear that a Denver girl may have been getting bullied by a group of girls in her class is, sadly, not all that unusual. But the way her mother allegedly attempted to deal with the issue sure as hell was. And what she did last week is enough to send chills up any parent's spine.

Last Thursday afternoon, 34-year-old Monica Avila reportedly drove into the parking lot at Lake Middle School in Denver, Colorado and confronted four girls, ages 13 and 14, according to an arrest document. After arguing with the girls about bullying, she pulled out a black semi-automatic handgun and said, "Look what I have." What the ...?!

Then, Avila allegedly then drove out of the parking lot and parked across the street, as the girls told adults about what happened and called 911.

Can you believe this woman?! Her actions would have been seen and treated as totally inappropriate any day ... but hearing that this happened just a day before the Sandy Hook tragedy and our current national conversation on gun control makes it even more horrifying.

Thankfully, law enforcement intervened and arrested Avila, charging her with four counts of felony menacing and one count of possession of a weapon on school grounds (also a felony).

To be fair, so many parents have been in Avila's shoes at one point or another, faced with their child battling merciless bullies on a daily basis. But what Avila allegedly did last week to stand up for her daughter and put an end to her suffering at school sounds like the last thing she should have done to handle the situation. Just about any other tactic -- calling the girls' parents to discuss, calling the principal or a guidance counselor, setting up a time to diplomatically discuss the issue one-on-one with the girls themselves, even telling her daughter to fight back -- would have been better than catching the teens off guard and brandishing a semi-automatic weapon. For crying out loud!

That said, if the incident really did go down as documentation states, something's not right with this mom. Hopefully, the court handling her case will do what they can to ensure that no student (her daughter included) or parent has to worry about completely crazy threats or behavior like this in the future.

How unnerving is this?! If your child has ever been bullied, how did you address the situation?

Image via Denver Police Department

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purpl... purple_creeper

Now those bratz know better than to mess with the girl that has a crazy mom!!


So wrong, but given what I've read over the years I'm not surprised. It seems schools don't really address the problem of kids being bullied and just about blame the one being bullied. This was just a matter of time.

CPN322 CPN322

This is absolutely crazy but, to me, she was misguidedly trying to scare them into not bullying her daughter. She must have been at her wits end to do something like that.

Lisa Roberts

I can totally understand where she's coming from... though I"d never do that. My daughter was bullied for 4 1/2 years, to the point of trying to kill herself and now having mental health issues b/c of it. the school did nothing so I ended up pulling her out. Parents don't care, the school doesn't care, and a bullied child usually has been emotionally so beaten down, they cannot stand up and fight back. I have confronted kids who were bullying my child- though not with a gun... and no threats of bodily harm.

Kate Cooley

I don't know if a handgun-wave was the answer, but schools do less than nothing, the bullies are usually left to run free and I can totally see how she was at the end of her rope with this.


nonmember avatar Christi

We just had a man in Bradford County threaten to shoot the neightborhood kids. He call the governors office 13 times.

Jennifer Sinasac Pietens

She did the wrong thing but I can understand her frustration when schools and bully's parents do nothing.

Joy Bronner

I do not think this mother was crazy.. I think the bullies were crazy... Parents need to tell their children to keep their hand ofFother people's kids. People do not mind defending their children. I do not condon the woman's behavior. But if you are bullying someone one a daily basis and they are livining in fear of you; then honestly what can you expect.  People will flip out on you because you got no business hurting their children. PERIOD.

nonmember avatar Becky

Principles, teachers hell the board don't do shit about bullies!! If you want something done you have to do it yourself! Maybe pulling a him wasn't the smart thing but I can definitely see where she is coming from! I would do ANYTHING for my child and damn sure wouldn't sit back and let them be bullied! Maybe she needed to go give the girls momma a a swift kick in the mouth then maybe they would teach their girls respect!!!

nonmember avatar John Eric Lee

I think she was right by what she did , wow those girls got a little scare, well what about the kid they was bullying ,she has been scared alot , id do the same , cause who else is gonna stop the bullying, surely not the schools,not the cops, and definately not the parents ;where you think these kids learn to be a bully

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