10 Totally Cool Gifts for Teens Under $20

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  • Adjustable Initial Ring


    Image via Beads Learn to Rock/Etsy

    These adjustable initial rings from Beads Learn to Rock on Etsy are super cute and super affordable: $6 each!

  • Keep Calm and Carry On Pencils


    Image via Hero's Welcome

    These fun "Keep Calm" pencils serve as handy reminders during stressful times like standardized tests! $9.99 for a dozen.

  • Peanuts Guide to Life


    Image via Amazon.com

    We could all learn a thing or two from our classic cartoon buddies. Brush up on their wise ways for just $12.95!

  • Scented Gummy Bear Earbuds


    Image via ToysRUs

    These look and smell good enough to eat (except don't eat them, cause they're earbuds). Just buy them, for $9.99.

  • Geek Speak Magic Ball


    Image via Amazon.com

    It's about time the old 8 ball got an update: Meet the Geek Speak Magic Ball and give it a shake -- answers range from "fail" to "win" to "meh." An awesome buy for about $9.

  • MIMOBOT Designer USB Flash Drives


    Image via Fun.com

    Why? Because these 8GB Stormtrooper Unmasked MIMOBOT USB Flash Drives are cool. Plain and simple. For $16.99.

  • Soaper Smash Bros Soap


    Image via thinkgeek.com

    Because who hasn't thought, "Wouldn't it be awesome if I could wash my hands with a bar of soap shaped just like one of my favorite video games?" Exactly. Good, clean fun for only $14.99.

  • The Jumbo Duct Tape Book


    Image via amazon.com

    Boys love themselves some duct tape, no doubt. And with good reason: As The Jumbo Duct Tape Book proves, you can do almost ANYTHING with the stuff. $9.95, duct tape not included.

  • Totally Tropical Nail Stickers


    Image via asos.com

    No need to wait for the polish to dry with these fun nail decals. Instant gratification at its best, for only $5!

  • The Nicolas Cage Adventure Set


    Image via brandonbird.com

    What's more fun than putting Nic Cage's face on a bunch of other people's faces? The Nicolas Cage Adventure Set -- like colorforms, but not. Cause colorforms are for kids. A steal at $10.

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