Moms Who Let Their Teens Pose In Sexy American Apparel Ads Should Be Ashamed


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We all know that sex sells, but when it comes to our kids, most of us draw a line. That is why the ads for American Apparel are so offensive and shocking. The clothing company is under fire for sexualizing teenage models.

This latest scandal comes three years after a 2009 campaign raised similar eyebrows. Britain's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is accusing the brand of "sexually suggestive, gratuitous and flirtatious" images of models that appear to be under the age of 16. But the issue isn't just the company here. What about the parents of these young girls. Don't they share part of the blame?

The poses in these so-called ads are so sexually suggestive, it's clear that more than just clothes are being exposed here. The ASA received two complaints about the company. One mother said she wanted to shop the brand's website with her 12-year-old daughter but found 23 images featuring stockings and hosiery that were "unnecessarily sexual."  Another complained of images of girls modeling shirts -- you could see their breasts through the fabric.

Given the strong reaction from others, I can't believe the mothers of these models just let their children be sexually exploited this way. Of course, it's unclear just how old these young girls are but the ASA certainly felt there was strong enough evidence to ban these ads in Britain. Why in the world do they need to reveal buttocks and breasts to cell clothes? Just what is this company trying to sell here?

I am a huge fan of the products but I have to say, this is a complete turn-off. They are completely inappropriate ads for a brand that targets tweens and teens. For it's part, American Apparel said that the images were "completely decent and a fair representation of their product." Well, the ASA certainly didn't agree. They said the images were "likely to cause widespread offence, because they were displayed on a website which could be viewed by, and was likely to have appeal to children under 16 years of age."

I'm no prude, but I am on the side of the Brits in this battle. I wouldn't want my child shopping on a site with these images and I sure as heck wouldn't let her model for it. Our kids are bombarded with sex and sexual images at ever turn -- TV, movies, video games. Why do they need to see half-naked girls in highly suggestive poses when they are buying plain cotton tees and tights? It's just not right.

Do you think these ads are offensive? Would you let your teen pose so provocatively?


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mommy... mommy2annaliese

I used to buy their hoodies in high school and after some research I found out the guy who owns and photographs it is a huge creep. I will never buy from them again.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I think they are, as a company, DISGUSTING. They're no better than PETA- crudely objectifying teen girls and women for their advertising. Forget children, *I* wouldn't like to be shopping on their site. When there are girls as young as some of them posing with their breasts out, it makes me so sad- they're so young, they don't need to be doing this.

nonmember avatar Alex

Some girls look younger then they I'm 24 and get asked if I'm anywhere from 13 to 18 if they are that young the shame on the company if not don't jump to conclusions we teach our kids not to judge that's what's happening here judging age on appearance

nonmember avatar Dee

The Brits are definitely not prudes and are actually quite open about nudity and sexuality for ADULTS these are images for kids and the girls might be barely legal but that doesn't make it better. This borders on pedophilia and there's nothing prudish about hating that

April Kayleigh Tillery

I wonder if AA knows that in the top photos. You can scroll thru and there is a whole breast exposed.

nonmember avatar Common.Sense

So..... These girls make a decision to make some money doing something that a corporation asked them to do..... and it's their MOM'S fault? On what planet?? Maybe these girls really need the money, or maybe they are like most teenage girls and are impossible to argue with and determined to do their own thing! If these girls were 10 then I'd blame the parents, but to blame a parent for a bullheaded 16 year old who needs some cash? Not the parent's fault anymore.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

@common sense sorry, but you're wrong. my best friend modelled since her teens, and anything considered ''suggestive'' had to be okayed by their legal guardian if they were under 18.

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