Struggling Single Dad Can't Afford to Stay By Comatose Son's Hospital Bedside (VIDEO)

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Tim Thomas
Tim Thomas
Do you have a pack of tissues handy? Go grab them; you're going to need them when you hear about the single dad whose 14-year-old son is in a vegetative state after being hit by a semi-truck while riding his bike. Tim Thomas is working a part-time job and he can't afford to be at his son's bedside every day. After all, he has two kids to take care of in a rough economy.

Are you crying yet? Pulling out your wallet?

We're talking about a single dad who never missed a big moment in his kid's life. You can picture the type, can't you? I know I can -- he looks like my husband (at least in my mind), always on the sidelines of the soccer game with a proud grin on his face. I imagine my husband being separated from our daughter for any length of time, and I see a man who would be heartbroken. Then I imagine him separated from her when she's in a hospital bed, and I think it would truly be his undoing.

This is reality for Tim Thomas. He wants to be there to hold his son's hand, but he can't. So far, this dad has only been able to see son Tommy once since the boy was transferred to an out-of-town hospital more than six hours away on November 20. His employers are being gracious; his community has started a fund to help pay his way.

But the reality is this dad has to work to support his kids. His truck isn't terribly reliable -- at least not good enough to make a six-hour trip (one way!). With a serious brain injury, Tommy has a long road ahead of him; who knows how many days he'll spend in a hospital far, far away from his dad?

Put yourself in Tim Thomas' shoes. What would you do?

Want to help the Thomas family? The Bank of Colorado has a fund in the name of Thomas Jordan Thomas. 


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dirti... dirtiekittie

my heart goes out to this poor man and his family. i can't even imagine how hard it must be to get through each day. they are in my thoughts and prayers. 

also, the website doesn't appear to be taking electronic donations, and it says to visit a branch of the Bank of Colorado. Anyone know a way to donate online? I'm in Cali and we don't have that bank here. :( 

chigi... chigirl1228

This is a tough situation... so very sad :(

Heath... Heather.Rose

There has got to be a way to donate online. The public raised so much for the bus monitor (not saying she didn't deserve it) surely we can do something for this father.

Carly Rau

they need to set something up on indiegogo

Pinkmani Pinkmani

If I were him, I would pull the plug. 

purpl... purpleflower514

I agree with Pinkmani. If I were him I would pull the plug. His son is gone.

nonmember avatar Leigh

@ pinkmani. Did you read the original article? I only ask because it appears the boy has a hopeful prognosis. In my experience hospitals rarely hand out hope if the chances are that low. And brain injuries are funny things. It all depends on where he got hit and what part of his brain was hit. If it's not the frontal lobe, he has far better chances of surviving with his mentality fairly intact. I'm assuming that you are saying his son is "gone" because of the traumatic changes in behavior sometimes associated with brain injuries?
At any rate, it appears the hospital believes that he may wake up. Though he will definitely have brain damage that damage can manifest in many different ways. not all of which involve a ruined mentality. If that is the case I hold plenty of hope for this child and his family. If a woman can wake up after having no heartbeat after being submerged in freezing water up to her ankles for 40 minutes and be perfectly fine, who knows? The brain has an amazing ability for elasticity. :)

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Leigh, No, I did not read the original article. However, I wouldn't want to be left on machines for more than 7 days. Back in the day, there weren't any machines to help keep someone alive. It's painful to see someone in a vegetative state. It also costs a lot of money.

nonmember avatar kerri

Someone need's to contact the Ellen show or something similar -- yes, really!!

nonmember avatar Ashley

But you arent the parent- and thank god for that, he is COMATOSE, not on life support. They are two very different things!!! I truly hope for the best for this father and son! I hope the driver of the semi is being charged? At the very LEAST his insurance has to cover the boys hospital bills.

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