‘Real Housewife’ Kim Zolciak’s Child Molesting Ex-Husband Is Causing Some Real-Life Drama

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kim zolciakKim Zolciak said she left The Real Housewives of Atlanta because she couldn't stand the girls' drama and negativity anymore, but from what it sounds like, Kim's personal, off-camera life isn't any more calm. It's been reported that Kim's ex-husband and the father of her eldest daughter, Brielle, is set to be released from jail come February 2013. Daniel Dominic Toce was put behind bars in 2011 after being convicted of felony sex abuse against a minor. Toce apparently molested a 15-year-old girl, which, coincidentally, is around the same age as daughter Brielle.

Kim tried to terminate his parental rights while he was in jail, but it looks like she and Kroy forgot to follow through on that, and the case has gone cold.

Hmm. Kind of makes sense that Kim left the show now, doesn't it? Not that she knew six months ago, or whenever she was filming when she decided to walk off "set", that Toce was going to be released from jail soon, but I'm sure she knew that her life was about to get very complicated, and that any added stress from her co-stars wasn't worth the hassle.

Plus, Kim's also allegedly in a boat load of tax trouble and could possibly face jail time for the supposed $7 million she owes the IRS.

Sex offender ex-husband and baby daddy on the loose, a debt to the government, three kids, and a newborn? Yeah, the last thing Kim needs right now is someone like NeNe Leakes getting mad at her for leaving a party early, or something as equally inconsequential as that.

Kim's always been a little, um, crazy, which made for great TV, but now all that insane behavior seems to be catching up with her. I mean, who knew her ex was a child molester and that she didn't pay taxes for 10 years?

She doesn't need the show to cause drama; she's got plenty of that at home.

What do you think Kim should do about her ex?


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Linda King


Rosie Henderson

Damn I'm glad I'm not Kim. She's too crazy.

Cheryl Legnosky Dorman

REALLY?  Do any of these "reality" people pay their taxes?  And how the HELL did she rack up a $7 -million tax bill?  Come on...this is either highly exaggerated OR these people get paid WAY too much money for making fools of themselves on TV!!!

Renee Hicks

who need,s to give a damn really her mouth got her to where she is,s you dig...and you will Fall....!!


Dina Fleischer

Her ex husband's actions are his, not hers. Let the woman live her life with Kroy and family, she deserves it.

Tamma... TammaraJay

Kim is clearly an extremely shallow human being, and yes Karma does seem to be making an appearnce in her life a lot lately. The dirtbag ex, what a disgusting person, I am sure she will keep her girls far away from him.She should also pay attention to her kids and I don't know maybe teach them to " chew with their damn mouths closed"! It's disgusting a few seasons back her oldest was having a full conversation with Kim, all while eating ice cream, chatting away with her mouth full. This last episode her youngest daughter, is having a full on conversation with Kim, all while chomping on pizza. Again... Mouth full of chewed on pizza, asking questions about whether or not " she was planned?". Come on Kim teach your girls the proper way to behave while eating! Had to say something... Notice this every time her kids are on camera and eating.

Linda King

i agree cheryll. these women arent stars like they think.!! get pd for fighting on t.v. and showing diildoes on t.v. no wonder america has went nuts. that is really a good thing to show. and phradera mom a minister.

Lisa Grice- McKissack

@TammaraJay!  I KNOW!  I got blocked on twitter because I told her she needs to teach her kids to chew with their mouths closed.  That's one of the first things I taught my kids.  It's common sense and common courtesy.

Marie L. Moody

Lisa Grice- McKissack,  TammaraJay......Chewing with your mouth closed is a good habit but what happened to the lessons of morality?  These children are not learning any of that.  Actually, none of them on the housewives are learning to be morally upstanding!  How sad!

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