Teenage Boys Are Truly Terrifying to Most Moms (VIDEO)


Confession time: I am terrified of the teen years with my son. Although I know my daughter and I are likely to have lots of slammed doors and screaming (let's just say the drama queen gene did not come from her father), I have next to no experience with teen boys and they are kind of scary to me.

So it's hard for me wrap my head around the idea that this sweet, adorable little punkin who loves his mama almost as much as he does his toy excavator will soon be taller than me and think I'm pretty annoying. Thank goodness I have Daphne Brodgon to tell me How to Be A Mom....or not.

In this latest episode, she takes us through a bunch of scenes with her teenage stepson. The funniest part is that while she's telling us what to do, each interaction with the kid plays out with hilarious awkwardness in real life. He starts talking about his girlfriend, she and her husband have a fight about why, exactly, her husband wants a picture of her; he confesses his dream for his college major, she bursts out laughing.

All I know is, parenting a teen has got to be tough, and parenting a teen boy has to be even worse for a lot of us moms. Watch what not to do below, and then give us your teen-parenting tips in the comments.

How do you deal with parenting teens?

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the4m... the4mutts

Teenage boys don't scare me at all. I handled them when I was a teen girl, so I know they're easy to manipulate WITHOUT SEX, I know how that sounded, that's not how I meant it.

They're easilly distracted, bribed, and if you scold them long enough, they relent just to shut you up.

Teen boys: keep a few tricks up your sleeves, lots of food in the house, and find their payoff so you know what you can take from them if need be. Simple.

Girls? Pft. Even easier. They're emotional, easilly bored, and almost as easilly bribed. Let them cool off, speak to them rationally, then tell them "okay, go do *insert go-to activity here* and be home by *insert time*" expect them to be 30 minutes late. Take their payoff away just like you did to their brother for running up the data bill on his cell.

Kids aren't hard.

dstou... dstoutholcomb

I have three boys, two are teenagers--'nuf said!

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

@ the4mutts LOL

ivego... ivegotrhythm

I'm not afraid of being a MOM to my son when he becomes a teenager. Like 4mutts said, I am pretty skilled at manipulating him, given our lifelong history and all.

Being a STEPmom, otoh, is whole different ballgame. There's always that "this is my dad's house and you're not my mom." And they're bigger than you.

Then again my stepson was already a real piece of work who regularly got suspended from school before I even met his dad and just got dishonorably discharged from the Marines for being a raging alcoholic so hopefully my situation was unique. I certainly would not wish that on anyone.

Munch... MunchiesMom324

I'm not looking forward to the teen years.  I have a decent age gap between my first and second, so I will be getting to do the teen stuff with him, alone, first.  But, when he turns 18 - I'll be getting started on my younger kids all hitting the teen years pretty much at the same time.  When DS1 is 18, DS2 will be 13, DS3 will be 12, and DS4 will be 10 - YIKES!!

the4m... the4mutts

ivegotrythm- oh god... teen step son. I can't imagine. I DO have a teenaged step son, but his mother moved and we haven't seen him since he turned 13, he's 16 now. While I miss him tons, and love him dearly, he was already spoiled rotten when s/o & I got together. I read his moms facebook... and in a sad way, I'm glad we don't have to handle his outbursts. I never got enough time with him to learn his payoffs, so I would up shit creek if he were with us

ivego... ivegotrhythm

the4mutts- I completely understand the sadness and guilt about being glad that you don't have to deal with the outbursts and drama.  My stepson decided not to have anything to do with us at about the age of 13-14.  Oh, except for gift-giving occasions when he would show up with his hands out.  That pretty much stopped the Christmas that he showed up after not talking to any one of us for a year and he had NOT ONE Christmas present under the tree.  Sorry but we havn't heard from you in a year and weren't expecting you so no there are no gifts for you under the tree.  We bought him pre paid phone cards and pre paid cell phones so that he could contact us and the only time we heard from him was when the money ran out.  He told us he hated our rules and that we were uptight and the only thing he wanted from us was money.

According to his Facebook page, he just had a son.  He hasn't contacted a single one of us.

As a mom I DO feel bad, but I honestly don't know what else we could have done.  He hit teenage years and wanted nothing to do with us.  Maybe I could have fought harder but by that time I had my own newborn boy and I really didn't want this kid around him.  Not that my stepson wanted to be anywhere around us by that time either.



the4m... the4mutts

Ivegotrythm- I feel for you, and I'm sorry your step son treated y'all that way. Most people don't deserve that treatment. My step- nephews ages 13, 16, and 18 tried that. But luckilly, my s/os dad made them feel like shit for it, and they turned around with hands open for apoligy hugs.

I would like to say something encouraging like, maybe he'll realize how good y'all were to him as he raises his baby and learns about parenthood, but you know him better than I do obviously, so you would know if that were a possibility. *internet hugs to you*

Rose Morris

Teen boys are nothing to deal with compared to girls.  If you think boys are bad, you will have a total schock wave when the girls become teens.  There is no comparison between the two.  I will take 10 boys to one girl any day of the week. 

Why do you think you hear more stories of Girls taking off then boys? 

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