Teen Gets Teacher Suspended for Gay Tolerance Lesson

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gay prideWe all want to be the parent of the kid who has strong convictions and stands up for what they believe in. But what happens when what they believe in is dead wrong? Take the teenager who complained to the school administration after his teacher had played a song about tolerance and same sex marriage.

Susan Johnson, the performing arts teacher who allowed Seattle rapper Macklemore's song "Same Love" to be played in her classroom, has been suspended without pay. All because this one kid told the administrators that he was uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable. With tolerance? After all, the song proclaims:

Whatever God you believe in

We come from the same one

Strip away the fear

Underneath it's all the same love

It's the sort of message I'd be proud to have my daughter spreading herself. If it was played in her classroom, I'd stand up and applaud the teacher who allowed it. And I'd be horrified if my kid were the one who got her suspended from her job.

So I have to wonder what the parents of the teen malcontent are thinking. I imagine they're on his side, hence his backward thinking. Kids, after all, do not come by hate naturally. It's learned, typically inside the home.

But what if they're good folks, parents who are as flabbergasted as I am that a child would actually raise a rumpus over such a positive message?

What can they do? Is it too late? Do you have to stick up for your kid because they had the guts to stick up for what they believed in?

It's tough. You want to be proud of them for having the strength of their convictions. That's what we're raising them to do.

But Johnson was teaching an eighth grade class, so I'm going to bet the kid was around 13 or 14. At that age, they're still kids; they still need guidance. There's a gentle way to tell your kids that you're proud of them for trying to take a stand but make clear that the stand was wrong. It's if you don't do both that you have the real problem.

What would you do if this was your kid?


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fave82 fave82

I would just like to point out that if this was a Holiday song that mentioned God, no matter in how postive a way, everyone would be up in arms about how it shouldn't have been played at school.

nonmember avatar chris

I feel that even though she was trying to promote a positive message it was a poor choice to take a stand for something that somepeople do not agree with because of their religious beliefs. I do not think it is a teacher's place to make political statements to their class, especially elementary and jr high. If religious based Christmas songs are not allowed than this should not be allowed either. BTW, I am all for gay marriage, I just think schools need to stay out of that kind of debate.

Flori... Floridamom96

So I'm sure you're just as outraged at the one malcontent who claimed he was offended by a memorial statue of Christ on a ski slope who's suing to have it removed, right?

zandh... zandhmom2

Fave82, you beat me to it! This article would've hada different tone if it was not a song about gays but a song about God.  Every Christmas/religious song I know is about love and acceptance too so I wonder why they're being banned in school...oh that's right because someone complained that it makes them uncomfortable. 

names... namestaken

So, were only proud of kids with our own convictions and view points? This was Soooo self righteous and hypocritical.

fave82 fave82

Apparently tolerance only works one way! Lol

Felip... FelipesMom

The teacher didn't play the song - she let a student play it. And yes, we should be just as pissed if a song about tolerating other religions had prompted the same response.

nonmember avatar R3

Goodness, you're all right! We live in a world where Christians are the oppressed minority group, and gays stomp all over their rights at every chance they gets. I'm so glad we have the comments section at the stir to clear up these vicious misconceptions.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Ah the typical liberal mindset "tolerance for me but not for thee" 

Desti... DestinyHLewis

fave82 and Floridamom beat me to it! It has been made abundantly clear that tolerance only runs one way. I am beginning to HATE the holiday season. It has gone from being a time of joy, happiness, festive lights, warm feelings and family, to a season of hate. ;-( 

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