If Angus T. Jones Has Been Brainwashed By a Cult, His Mom Has Good Reason to Be Scared (VIDEO)

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Angus T. JonesWhat a week Angus T. Jones has had. The highest paid kid actor on TV went from being the kid actor no one ever heard from to the kid actor everyone thinks is cuckoo for cocoa puffs thanks to his rant against Two and a Half Men this week.

Needless to say, the producers over at the show that has made him mucho mondo megabucks over the years are not very happy, not even after Angus apologized for calling their TV show "filth" and suggesting Satan is on their side. But I can't be the only one wondering what it's going to be like for Angus when his mom gets a hold of him.

I have to say I kind of feel sorry for Carey Jones right now.

The tabloids have dragged up her dirty laundry in the form of some trouble with the law way back in 1997 (when now 19-year-old Angus was 3 or 4). None of it looks really good for her or for Angus' Dad Kelly -- he allegedly assaulted Carey; she allegedly burglarized some place.

But you know what's worse than having the skeletons pulled out of your closet? Seeing your kid getting pulled down a path to crazytown and not being able to step in and help him?

Carey has come out to say she feels like Angus is being "exploited" by the very church the teen say has helped him deal with his parents' divorce and escape from drugs. Considering the folks at the Forerunner Christian Church have helped the kid denounce the people who are paying his salary, you can't exactly blame her for feeling a bit ... well, miffed? We try to raise our kids to be successful in life, and burning his bridges is not going to help this kid move forward.

Angus' mom is in the position that parents of teens and young adults sucked into cults are often put in: you can feel like your kid is being taken advantage of, but your kid is old enough under the eyes of the law to make their own decisions. To put it rather indelicately, Carey is screwed.

Angus is 19 years old. He can piss his acting career goodbye if he wants to, and there is really nothing his mom or anyone else in his life can do about it.

But did you listen to that video rant? The kid sounded, if not confused, then downright drunk. I mean, listen to this thing:

That guy sitting there? He just let him go on and on and on. And the church was more than happy to post this rambling mess right to YouTube, promoting it as Angus T. Jones' testimony. It may not be exploitation, but it's certainly enabling the kid.

Any maybe Forerunner isn't a cult -- although we are talking about an organization with a spiritual guide known to call out Jay-Z for his Satanic agenda, so we aren't talking about a group with a real connection to sanity here -- but they certainly have something to gain by using Angus' famous face to draw people in, then throwing up an offer to sell you a DVD or requesting donations at the tail end of the video.

But what can his parents do? He's at that age when he's just thisfar over the edge into adulthood that he's sometimes just an overgrown child. He's at an age when he's easy to exploit, but it's not so easy for a sane grown-up (like his parent) to step in and help. And it's that age that absolutely terrifies me.

Put yourself in Angus' parents shoes. Would you be worried?


Image via The Forerunner777/YouTube

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lulou lulou

I have to wonder if Kirk Cameron will get himself mixed up in all this, I may go google that now.

Reepi... Reepicheep.CSL

So a grown man, for he is grown, isn't allowed to follow his own path? He isn't allowed to have an opinion if it doesn't reflect what you, or his parents or his bosses think?

Have you ever considered that he never wanted to act? Did it ever cross your mind that his parents pushed him into it? After all he wouldn't be the first child exploited by his greedy parents.

Maybe now that he is an adult he is making choices for himself. He states himself that he isn't doing drugs....so why does it matter to you what he chooses to do with his life?

nonmember avatar CinnamonV

Wow it's disappointing that the author of the story is more concerned about the actor's paycheck, people he is upset with and not the actor's spiritual welfare. If the Holy Spirit is working in his life then that is why he feels this way. I am sorry but have you seen his character on the show? He plays a dumb, pot smoking, lack of ambition son. The show was never family friendly but if he feels this way why do people have to call him crazy?! So sad that in our society people cannot accept people who believe in Jesus Christ and what to do right by our Savior. I pray for him that he gets the peace he deserves. I also pray for those lost souls who don't have Jesus in their lives.

Amy Hysell

You are so judgmental, Jeanne! He has the right to say however he feels about a show that he has been involved with for many years. He has experienced it, not you. I understand that you do not have faith in our God, but people that do, are not automatically involved in a cult! I think your thoughts here are ridiculous.

nonmember avatar David

You people are so naive. This organization (no matter what religious affiliation) has all the signs of being a cult. They're exploiting this kid's fame and using him for "donations." This cult is going to leave him penniless and then abandoned.

nonmember avatar joe smith

Angus Jones mother is a total slut and a whore, she has zero credibility

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