Colleges Create 'Gun Dorms' So Students Can Bring Their Weapons to School

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gunSo their SAT scores are in. The college visits are done. Now it's time to start whittling down your teenager's choices. There's the college that offers to let them get their four-year degree over with in three years. And then there's the college that offers your kid the chance to bring their gun to school! Yes, gun dorms are the latest thing giving empty nesting parents agita.

Because nothing screams safety like combining the potential for drunken frat parties with firearms, does it? Over-reacting? Maybe. Then again ... maybe not.

The gun dorms proposal popped up at the University of Colorado recently, where there so far not a single student has applied. That could be because none of the kids actually has a concealed weapon permit -- the condition for getting a spot in one of these dormitories. Or maybe none of their parents are gung-ho on sending their kids to school with a gun?

I recognize that concealed weapon permits are generally handed out only to adults. I recognize too that, under the law, most college students are adults.

But I also remember college.

Even at a so-called "nerd school," it was like living in a state of extended childhood, legal age of most students be darned. Everywhere you turned, people were drinking. Everywhere you turned, people were carrying on like they hadn't a care in the world. And many didn't. They didn't have bills to pay. They didn't have much to do beyond attending a few classes and doing some homework. College was like high school with more free time and less parental oversight.

And now we want to add guns to that equation? I don't think so!

Parents have enough to worry about sending their kids out into that sort of environment knowing that most young adults screw up because that's what happens as you're growing up. I think we can hold off on adding guns to the mix.

How about you? Would you send your child to a school where guns were acceptable on campus?


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Doomy234 Doomy234

Yes. I would. Think about all the school who got shot up where guns werent allowed on campus. At least kids at this school dont have to cower in fear if something devastating like that happens. They have the ability to protect themselves and possibly others. Also, I am sure as a rule of the dorm you have to be a responsible gun-owner meaning no drinking in the dorm.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

I think this is a horrible idea. Why do you need a gun on campus? You have security to escort you to wherever you want.

Austin Keenan

There is a problem with crime in some colleges that are located in or near urban areas.    They carry laptops,  tablets and smartphones now which makes them prime targets for being robbed just walking to class.    The criminals often work in pairs and know the kids have no defenses.   Many live off campus and walk everywhere,   often at night.  

I'm not sure about the dorms though.   One would assume those could be secured relatively easy so any crime would be student on student. 

KathyTh. KathyTh.

This is the most backwards, f*cked up thinking I have ever heard of.  A bunch of hormonal, boozed up, and immature college kids with guns.  What brilliant idiot thought of this?

MsRkg MsRkg

This is an absolutely horrible idea. Kids 17-22 ( the normal college age range) DO NOT NEED to have guns on campus! This is a disaster waiting to happen. A good chunk of college kids are irresponsible, mix that in with drinking, experimenting with drugs, and now adding guns to the mix, and it's not going to be good. I also don't see any logical way to provide security for those guns as most kids go in an out of each dorms rooms multiple times a day.  There is security everywhere on campuses. Just no no no!

Megan Lee

I agree with Kathy ^ couldn't have said it better myself.
Bad idea.

power... powertothekids

give them something less violent maybe a whistle to call for help

Livin... LivinBlessed

College girls are 4 times more likely to be assaulted, and there is not enough security to escort every girl everywhere she needs to go. However, nonlethal protection like stun guns and pepper sprays are very effective, affordable, and legal in most places. I am an independent sales pro for Damsel in Defense, and I am making every effort to get to the campuses and to teach young women how easy it is to keep themselves safe. We all should carry something that we can use to defend ourselves!

miche... micheledo

This is great!!  I know several college students who have fought for their right to have a gun on campus.  Many school shootings could have ended more quickly if those being attacked had a gun on them.  Criminals will be less likely to attack if they know the person may have a gun on them.

KathyTh. KathyTh.

Micheledo, maybe some school shootings would end more quickly, but my guess is that there would be many, many more school shootings taking place.  Do you have a college aged kid?  And would you want him or her at a frat party with armed fraternity boys?  PGA punch and beer pong and bong hits and guns?  That's a lethal combination.  This is so stupid, it would be laughable if it wasn't so deadly.

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