Parents Throw Son Fabulous Sweet 16 Complete With ... Strippers!?


happy birthdayMost of us are trying to keep our "little babies" from growing up too fast. Then there are the parents who hired strippers for her son's birthday party. I should mention that their son was turning sweet 16!

Happy birthday, Son! Have a lap dance on us! Today, you are a man. Wait, wrong party.

Oy vey.

I think we can all agree that this is crappy parenting. If you're raising a son, your job is to raise him with a healthy respect for women. Letting him rub his nose in a working woman's tatas to celebrate his 16th birthday is hardly setting him on the right path.

But what parents do with their own kids is largely their own business.

Where these idiots, er, parents really screwed up was by throwing their little darling a big birthday bash to celebrate his initiation into debauchery. Essentially, they weren't just hiring strippers to show their son a good time. They hired strippers and let them gyrate on dozens of other people's kids!

That's where I really have to say it: these parents are morons!

If my daughter had been invited to that party (and yes, the birthday boy had both boys and girls in attendance), I would have been lining right up with the other angry parents to lodge my complaints. By 16 I expect she'll likely know that strippers exist, but I certainly don't want her in their company.

When we host other people's kids, we have to respect their rules. That means if you want to take someone else's 13-year-old to an R-rated movie, you ask first. That means no alcohol at your kid's graduation party. And it means no strippers at the sweet 16!

What would you have done if your child had been invited to a party with strippers?


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the4m... the4mutts

While I have no problem wih strippers *I was one*, I wouldn't ever dream of working at a teen's party! How... akward.

And these parents had no right doing that with other people's kids. They need to be fined or something comprable.

mommy... mommytojack0524

I have a son.  Two words--HELL NO.

lasombrs lasombrs

eh. My friend was 17 and going away to the marines soon so before school ended his family had a stripper come. There were boys and girls and ages from 16-20 present at the party. But it was made known what it would be so if you were in attendance it was expected I guess. I don't have a huge problem with it although I personally won't throw one for my son lol

MomLi... MomLily67

Not for a  sweet 16 party!!!!  that is crazy,I guess the father wanted strippers and found a way to have them without getting in trouble,,, but wait!!! the mom agreed? correct?  Weird parents.

power... powertothekids

if they did a lap dance on my kid i would SUE

adkny... adknykate

I live (ashamed to say) in the area where this disgusting debacle took place. From what I read locally, there were children as young as 14 (14!!) at this party. These are CHILDREN! Apparently it was the mother that hired the strippers, organized this party AND posted the pics on Face book. She must be so proud of herself. I wonder how proud she will be when she gets sued (& I hope she does). Unfortunately, this mother is typical of the type of people who live in this area - backwoods hicks...

count... countrygirl670

Nasty, trashy, degenerate parents- if my 14 year old was at that party, I would want those parents arrested and charged with sexually abusing my kid.

nonmember avatar mom25

On the real id call cos and then proceed by pressing charges. First of all have they forgotten what statutory rape or molestation is? And accomplishing to it id punch her in the face. Id press charges on mom n dad and stripped. Ya got me tucked up

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